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Book online and pay when you arrive, with our online booking system, you are not required to pay any deposit or booking fee.

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Whatsapp support line is always open for you. Before and after all Marmaris Excursions and Marmaris Trips, we will answer your questions and help you have a good time in Marmaris and icmeler.

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We provide you a nice holiday in Marmaris with the quality of our excursions ,tours and daily trips organized by our professional guides. All our Marmaris Excursions are fully insured.

Popular Tours Activities and daily Trips !

We offer best Marmaris excursions, with low price in Marmaris City . Attractions , sightseeing , historical and daily Marmaris trips are available for online booking. Book your Marmaris excursions before you arrive, get rid of the hassle and pay when you reach to your hotel on the first day of your holiday.

Marmaris Rafting

Are you an adrenaline junkie? In fact, do you want to try an extreme sport with high adrenaline, even if you have never taken an action

Dalyan Boat Trip

Dalyan Kaunos is a must see for those who come to Marmaris. It is one of the rarest places on Earth, where the natural beauties surround

Lazy Day Out

Marmaris Boat Trip (Big Boss) an amazing lazy day out, visiting all untouched bays and islands of Marmaris, swimming in the cyrstal clear waters. Having a

Fishing Trip Marmaris

Marmaris has been a fishing town since it's early times, fishing has been one the of main incomes for the local people for 30 odd years.

Private Boat Trip

It is a tour organized for guests who want to spend good time with family at Marmaris Private Boat Trip . Tour start and end times

Atlantis Waterpark

Atlantis Waterpark is the first waterpark of Marmaris with lots of enjoyable slides and activities.

Cleopatra Island Boat Trip

Cleopatra Island Boat Trip targets your supreme relaxation and luxury. Consequently, contributors are instructed to carry their own swimsuit and towel as a way to be

Aegean Islands Boat Trip

Aegean Islands boat trip is the places you will see in the heaven of the world.You will see the bays that you really won't get tired

Marmaris Turkish Night

Turkish Night Marmaris where culture meets entertainment . Not just folk music and dance at the same time you will learn Turkish culture while having fun

Marmaris to Rhodes

The day excursion to Rhodes has an approximate length of 11 hrs. Upon arrival, the day is freed from plan in an effort to check out

Marmaris Quad Safari

Muddy, dusty and full of adrenaline awaits you on a half day Marmaris quad safari trip or Marmaris buggy safari tour.

Pamukkale Tour

Pamukkale from Marmaris Day Trip  5 times in a week traverten is a rock formed by precipitation as a result of chemical reaction water 35-100 °C

Marmaris Turkish Bath

Turkish Bath the place that will make you feel like a sultan. The comfort provided by sauna, massage can not be explained only feel it. Get

Marmaris Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari Marmaris a tour where you get tired of having fun ! Off road , water fight, waterfall , Jesus beach that you will visit

Marmaris Horse Safari

Horse safari Marmaris one of our popular tour for horse lovers. Wouldn't you like a horse ride in nature away from the trouble of the city?


Ephesus ancient city from hellenistic and roman period. Ephesus is the world's largest open air museum .Another beauty at this visit to the house of Virgin

Dolphin Park Marmaris

Dolphin Park Marmaris is a great felling those who love dolphins.You have opportunity to see dolphins and swim with them. They will show how friendly they

Marmaris Scuba Diving

There is never so much fun and discovery on any other trip but on Marmaris Scuba Diving. Whether you are a professional or a beginner


Aquadream is the biggest waterpark of the town and it is located on a high hill having a beautiful scenery of the sea.

Ephesus & Pamukkale

Ephesus Pamukkale 2 days journey to the hellenistic-roman period.You will also see traveltenler, one of the seven wonders of the world. Also Virgin Marry House

Questions About Marmaris Excursions (FAQ)

Is Marmaris Excursions World a Licensed Travel Agency?

Yes. Marmaris Excursions World named officially as “London Eyed Travel” is a member of Tursab (Turkish Travel Agencies Association) registered under terms of group “A” travel agency license.

Do you organize Marmaris Trips or just selling them?

London Eye is an A grup travel agency with a license that allows us organize our own type of Marmaris Excursions

Do all other agents work for your company?

Yes and No, excluding us, there is only one company which organizes a few basic trips. But we are the only travel agency in the town organizing every single trip under our own license.

Are the customers fully insured on Marmaris excursions?

Yes. You will hear from your holiday maker represantive on the first day of your holiday that apart from them, nobody will insure you or give you the value of your money, just to have the possibility of booking you for higher prices.

Never forget as we would not be allowed to run or organize any day out, business outside Turkey.Neither a foreign company (e.g. your holiday maker) would have a chance of getting involved with any business or organizing tours in Turkey. They book, we organize. Which  means they are just being “THE MIDDLE MAN”.

Are there any hidden charges?

Marmaris Excursions World has a long term customer & provider relations policy. On none of Marmaris excursions, you will be forced or trapped in paying any hidden charge.

Are all Marmaris Excursions family friendly and good for the kids?

This question has two different answers really. Some are and some not.

Before making any decision, please ask for more details and any of your questions to our online representatives on whatsapp or live support in order to get more details about all Marmaris excursions.

Others might tell you always a yes to collect your money straight away. We rather earn your trust than your money at the first point.

Marmaris Excursions

Marmaris, The Hidden Paradise!

Marmaris is one of the most excellent holiday destinations in Turkey and on World. Situated along the south west coast of the azure blue waters of the Aegean Sea and The Mediterrenia.

Tourists from all over Europe regularly visit the town on daily Marmaris Trips, weekly or longer for their staying holidays.

It has got one of the largest boat yards called “Yalancı Boğaz” in the language Turkish. It’s multi cultural atmospher, night and day out options with lots of activities and things to do.

With it’s  amazing beauty and warmness, awaiting you 7 months length hot weather season and lots of things to do in Marmaris as cultural, sightseeing, activity types of Marmaris Excursions.

Our company will also be there with you to bring more fun into your vacation with a very rich selection of the best Marmaris Trips and Excursions.

On such a beautiful holiday, your vacation will never be completed without going on Marmaris excursions.

Marmaris Tours

Marmaris Tours could be very enjoyable and all unforgetable moments, depending on the booking office.

But, when you bump into wrong place and book your trips with an expectation of having the best, you could also end up with the worst experience ever.

In this case, we suggest you to do a good research and ask the most necessary questions to your booking office before making a decision. For example, a tour guide is the first key to a beatiful day out.

Nobody would wanna face to the reality of having a misserable person with no knowledge, while expecting a beatiful day out.

To get further details, feel free to ask our agents through whatsapp or our live chat software, located on the bottom right corner of our website.

Booking all tours in Marmaris with a full payment in front would never be our recommendation, even if they are all booked from our company.

To avoid such problem, we provide you a possibility of booking the best Marmaris Tours, with no deposit requirement. When you are booking Marmaris tours, activities and things to do, most of companies, which provide Marmaris tours and excursions online will always ask you full or a partial payment. With the number one Marmaris tours operator, you avoid such problems.

Marmaris tours or Marmaris excursions as in another way calling the daily activities are a big part of holiday joy. Going on Marmaris Excursions will not give you only fun but will also make your holiday more memorable by joining on some of Marmaris Trips.

Historical and Cultural Marmaris Trips

Within over 30 Marmaris Trips, there are also plenty of the historical and cultural Marmaris Excursions to the directions such as; Ephesus, Pamukkale, Dalyan Town, Cleopatra Island and The Beach, e.t.c.

Because of unique location of the town, there is a connection between Marmaris and all other places on The World, having a nearby airport called Dalaman, where hundreds of flights are scheduled daily “to and from” all over the The World.

Within the Turkish borders, the town is also counted as being located at a best point with it’s easily travelling possibilities to some greatest ancient remainings and sight seeing places.

In this case, there is no way that you will be ending up your holiday with a thought of visiting the eye catching calcium rocks and Hierapolis of Pamukkale (meeans the Cotton Castle in Turkish).

Joining the two days trip will give you the experience of visiting “the biggest ancient town on Earth called Ephesus” along the surprising and mystic moments of Pamukkale in the same “tour package” for almost as low as price of one.

Unlike the fun and sightseeing Marmaris Tours and all Marmaris excursions, the historical and cultural trips have got possibilities of giving you a mystic time.

Beside all, as Marmaris offers you lots of things to do, having some memorable times on the cultural type Marmaris excursions, you will also have chance of discovering and learning more about the country.

Some of Marmaris excursions might be the most popular ones and may be heard about a lot. But when you compare them to historical Marmaris tours, it will make no sense as most of Marmaris excursions are about having fun and sightseeing but the cultural & historical Marmaris Excursions are all related to knowledge.

Especially joining the tours and the activities with Marmaris Excursions World, you will have chance of listening to tour information in your very own language rather than having it multi cultural on the day out.

General Informations about Marmaris Excursions World

Marmaris Excursions World is an online and official Marmaris excursions, things to do, tours and trips booking system that belongs to Yagna Travel & Tourism, Yagna Tour is the main booking office of the town.

Company was established at 2001, since then we have been carrying millions of passengers and we have been providing thousands of Marmaris trips and excursions.

On our all excursions, our customers are fully insured. Prices that are on our website include all the main services during your trips. We will never give you an unbelievable price online and make you think we are the cheapest and when you turn up for your booking, ask you the hidden coasts. When you on the Marmaris Excursions, many companies may ask you for payments for the included services of the tours, as in meals, insurance, transfers.

On none of Marmaris excursions, such main includes can be provided as exclusive services as it is against the laws of TURSAB ( Association of The Turkish Travel Agencies).

Before you book any of Marmaris tours & trips, please ask for more details about the price includes.

Daily Marmaris Excursions

When it comes to having a perfect vacation in Marmaris, there is no doubt that Marmaris excursions are the most fun. Staying allways at the hotel or just going on the beach everyday becomes boring very quickly but when you have daily things to do in between, you will enjoy every single second of your holiday even more.

Most of Marmaris excursions are either full day or a half day. Apart from the only 2 days trip, for all daily Marmaris Excursions, you get back to your hotel on the same day.

Some of Marmaris excursions start at a very early time and some ends very late depending on the length of the journey. In this case, we highly recommend you reading the information of each trip before your final decision. In order to avoid misunderstandings, you could also use our Whatsapp support number for any pre-sales questions.

Please never book none of your Marmaris trips or Marmaris tours without getting all the details.

Marmaris Excursions World provide you each daily activity with a full insurance cover.

If you go on a long day trip by picking one of the full day Marmaris excursions, then you will always be provided a breakfast on board. Based on the starting and ending times of all Marmaris excursions, you will not need to think of bringing any extra money for the meals.

Which Marmaris excursions are the best?

The answer of such a question is actually very easy and very difficult based on the expectations, Marmaris excursions are all fun, all enjoyable.

If you are after booking historical or cultural Marmaris excursions, Ephesus and Pamukkale trips could easily be counted as the best historical tours.

Village tour is a wonderful day out with lots of cultural informations. Apart from being a wonderful cultural trip, it takes you totally into another world. Sightseeing, a lazy day out and informative.

If you are thinking of having some full time sightseeing Marmaris excursions, we could count of course the lazy day out as #1.

Dalyan trip could be counted in all of above categories. Jeep safari is probably the best of all Marmaris Excursions.

Quad & Buggy safari, along rafting and diving are surely the most fun times. If you are some activities rather than all other tour type of Marmaris Excursions, any of above could be what you are actually looking for.

Of course there are wonderful night outs, too such as Talk of the Town and of course the Turkish Night Shows. But they are kind of night outs rather than all others, which are called as “Marmaris excursions”.

At the end of the day all Marmaris tours are lots of fun and places to visit and see. While you are on holiday in this beautiful town, do not forget booking your all Marmaris trips from the same company to get the best deals.

On all daily Marmaris excursions, the necessary services must be included based on the law of TURSAB. Depending on the length of Marmaris excursions, meals will be whether included the price or not if the trip is not a full day activity.