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🇦🇪 DUBAI: 14 MUST WATCH Travel Tips 🇦🇪

🇦🇪 DUBAI: 14 MUST WATCH Travel Tips 🇦🇪

In this Dubai Travel Guide India is back to tell you 14 tips you NEED to know before visiting Dubai!

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***PLEASE NOTE*** This video was filmed and edited BEFORE the Covid-19 pandemic. Please check all local guidelines before booking your trip.

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Emerging high out of the Arabian desert, Dubai has become synonymous with wealth, opulence, recording-breaking architecture and luxury tourism.

But Dubai is not a city without its controversies, with laws limiting free speech and many personal freedoms it also continues to be plagued by accusations of human rights violations. For these reasons Dubai is a city that some may visit with trepidation.

I’m India from Holiday Extras and in this video I’ll be getting under the skin of Dubai. I’ll give you my 14 best tips to get the most out of your stay as well as how to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law.

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So for my first tip it’s gonna be a question you’re going to be asking yourself when you land in Dubai, and it’s how do I get to my accommodation? Well, what we did, which I can recommend is getting an Uber.

So Ubers run from the airport, there’s even a designated drop-off and pick-up area for Ubers and we waited no more than five minutes for ours. We took about a 20-minute journey and it cost 85 dirhams, which is about £17. And honestly it was so easy, ok it might not be the cheapest option but it’s certainly the most convenient.

Dubai is a city that has been built around the car. Multi-lane highways criss-cross the city and using Uber or local taxi app, Careem, is generally the quickest way to get around. A walking city Dubai, is not.

However, Dubai does actually have some of the cheapest public transport tickets in the world – so if you’d rather save cash than time, then getting the metro can be a good idea.

Now if you’re going to be using public transport while you’re here in Dubai then I recommend getting a NOL card. Now these work in a similar way to how the Oyster card works in London. You simply load it up and then tap in and out as you go and the money will get deducted accordingly.

Now these are great because they cover all sorts of public transport, from buses, the metro, the train, and a little bonus – you’ll also get into some of the parks with it too.

Bonus tips when riding the metro;
The front carriage is often for women and children only
Eating or chewing gum on the metro is not allowed
There’s free wifi on board
And of course, no smoking

So if you’re gonna come to Dubai the chances are you’re going to end up on a beach at some point and for good reason. The beaches here are gorgeous. And the great thing is they’re really family-friendly too. Now I’m here on Sunset Beach and l can see the Burj Al Arab in the background, the sun’s about to set and we’ve got a bunch of kite surfers here too, it really is stunning.

As you can see, the beaches in Dubai are true to form and absolutely massive. Just take care during the middle of the day, as there’s not much shade here.

So when packing for Dubai you’re gonna have to think about what to wear. So the advice given is for both men and women to dress modestly. Now this can be left up to interpretation and I myself spent hours Googling what to wear in Dubai because it’s just a very grey area. I’d read something that said you really needed to cover up and then I’d see pictures of another.

So what I decided to go with was to not bring any shorts or skirts above the knee and to always cover my shoulders. Now coming here I have seen women in short dresses and skirts but I think the idea is that if you’re gonna dress like that you might get some funny looks and it’s just not respectful.

So another thing to think about whilst you’re coming to Dubai is public displays of affection, or PDA. Now, if you’re married then holding hands with your partner should be just fine but just don’t go kissing each other. If you’re not married, however, just keep your hands to yourself. Now if you’re not married, technically it’s against the law to share a bed with your partner or stay in a hotel room.

Now another thing to think about is that homosexuality is against the law here, so just keep that in mind…



  1. **PLEASE NOTE** This video was filmed and edited BEFORE the Covid-19 pandemic. Please check all local guidelines before booking your trip.

  2. Don’t go to Dubai if you’re a female, you get raped and throw in jail because you “had” sex outside of marriage. You drink outside of your hotel, you get throw in jail. Just Don’t go!!!

  3. very interesting video thanks for the tips!

  4. Your travel show is by far one of the best on YouTube. I miss seeing your videos regularly. Thank you for uploading this after a long hiatus, which, as a result of the pandemic, was obviously out of your control. Hopefully, you have more videos that were shot before the pandemic to tide us over. In any event, of all the things I am looking forward to when life returns to "normal", is that you can resume uploading more videos.

  5. is this Scottish accent or welsh

  6. ✨Your videos are so entertaining, loved watching this one! So autentic and genuine, the vibes of the channel always puts us in such a great mood. It comes through that you love what you're doing 😊👏 We create videos as well, you're welcome on our channel! Subscribe for more 🤙

  7. Fellow Brit here – good video.
    Glad you outlined the do's and don'ts in Dubai. I have been there a few times and is a good stopover place. There are quite a lot to see in Dubai and done all the stuff that was on the video and more. I don't know if you went to JBR and Marina? Good place to go

  8. Great video, love to travel as well, keep up the good work 😃😃😃

  9. Hey..loved you video. i had a question..can we just chat in Facebook messenger/WhatsApp? And are DMs in Instagram banned too? And how should we contact our friends and family back in country over the internet?

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