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10 Best Places to Visit in Scotland – Travel Video

10 Best Places to Visit in Scotland – Travel Video

Check out all the places seen in this video: https://www.touropia.com/best-places-to-visit-in-scotland/

At first glance, the Scottish landscape is harsh: foreboding fortresses atop hills and cliffs, the desolate moors… But spend some time here and you’ll quickly realize Scotland has its own unique beauty: breathtaking highlands just made for hiking and strolling, craggy coastlines, monuments that are proud reminders of long-ago battles, and blue lakes just made for fishing. Scotland is a land of legends and romance, from Robert the Bruce and Macbeth to lake monsters and the tragic Mary Queen of Scots. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Scotland:



  1. Scotland is just natural beauty not exagerated. Castles give me the medieval vibes. Love all scottish and english people from Albania 🇦🇱

  2. the memories of queens and kings and those knights who lived there..

  3. Thank you so much for filming such a beautiful video. I studied in Scotland, now living in California, and have so much love to that land. So many beautiful memories. The most beautiful winter I had in my life was in Scotland. I hope I’ll visit it again sometime in the future.

  4. Number 7 St Andrews made me laugh out loud. "….most well known for the 3rd oldest university…" That's hilarious. Nope…St Andrews is most famous (and ONLY famous….to one heck of a lot of people) for St Andrews golf course….the birthplace of golf, and the undisputed mecca of golf for every player of the game. Thousands of tourists go to Scotland every year just to play that course….and then leave. Sorry, but any mention of St Andrews has to lead with that fact. Still, nice vid though.

  5. 스코틀랜드가 왜 임산부가 얘를 낳으면 기영
    아를 낳는다는 연구가 나왔을까? ㅋㅋㅋ
    나는 장애가 있었어도 멀쩡하게 나왔네?
    요즘 애들은 술담배는 기본이라. 하나만
    낳아도 기영아를 낳네!
    이번 정권에서 g7.g20 으로 세계지도자들과 정치를 할때 저출산에 대해 논하지 않았을까?
    5.60세대들이 노인복지를 하는데 고령화에서
    초고령화로 가는 시대는 논하지 않았을까?
    존나게 웃기네!
    그러면 이런말은 누구로부터?
    차기주권자의 이재명이 양다리로!
    여자들판과 민노총! ㅋㅋㅋ
    여행사들이 판쳤는데 이것은 어떻게 했을까?
    5.60세대들의 대가리는 존나게 웃겨! ㅋㅋㅋ

  6. I Am From India And I Love To Travel🇮🇳❤️🙏

  7. I cant stand her voice, she says her 'S's" way too pronounced. Sounds like a snake

  8. Iona – this is a really special place to visit. If you can afford it, you can sail around Scotland in a beautiful yacht – sharing the yacht with other people – it’s great fun.

  9. I want to go to Fort William (good base to see Glencoe, Eilean Donan and Isle of Skye)

  10. Enjoyed 3 Highland Games in Dunoon. Loved watching the pipers come through town after the games. Got lit and drove my friends motorcycle down Argyll Street in a kilt and I was dressed as a true Scotsman. Used to love to eat at the Coylet Inn on Loch Eck. Would hike up the hill behind where I was staying, house on Midge Lane, and walk to it then take a cab back. The chef Maggie was incredible. Venison with mushrooms in a red wine gravy and the best Gateaus I've ever eaten. I'm glad it was rebuilt after the fire. Such a beautiful place. Going for a drive and taking the ferry to Bute was always fun. Really enjoyed driving down the road with pheasants sitting on the fences looking at the weird Americans. Strolling down Sauchiehall in Glasgow when it was safe. I've heard it's a bit rough now and the "Glasgow smile" is making a comeback.

  11. Been there last week and I'll go back again on the October. 😍

  12. Is there a hope for me to land on such a beautiful paradise????
    How I wish🌌

  13. Noel Hopkins is the reason why I'm loving Scotland

  14. I've been to Scotland twice – my very favourite place to visit.

  15. That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. – Romans 10:9 from the Bible ❤💕

  16. I wish we had had a list of these beautiful areas when we visited Scotland. How lovely to see. Thank you for showing this video.

  17. I want to travel here so badly. I can't get over how beautiful all of these buildings and castles are. The history that's been preserved is incredible.

  18. Some politician needs to visit scotland. Geography is important..

  19. Welcome to Scotland, I hope you will have nothing but the greatest time here.

  20. Such an incredible country, I am going there this august, can' t wait!
    Warm regards from Barcelona!😉

  21. Visiting Scotland is on my bucket list. I want to visit places like Holyrood Palace and other places in Scotland.

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