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129. Next stop… The Balearic Islands, Spain | Sailing Sunday

129. Next stop… The Balearic Islands, Spain | Sailing Sunday

This week we leave The Maddalenas Islands to hide out form some rough weather. After expressing our frustration with sailing in Sardinia we have an awesome sail across the top of Sardinia to the most beautiful anchorage where we prep for a 2 day crossing to Minorca in The balearic islands in Spain. We take you through our passage planing and routine for a quick 2 day crossing and head off!

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  1. @Sailing Sunday _ Which viewers haven't Subscribed yet? They must be a bit Daft…… ! Loved the way Jackson voiced his opinion at the foredeck _

  2. Ryan, you do talk a load of shit but, you do make me laugh! And if you weren’t such a hunk, i would come and steal Brittni away from you!

    with her hair down she makes any Bond girl look, at best, mediocre!

  3. The funny, goofy couple sailing the world. Another groovy vlogs you two.

  4. A great one🤟

  5. As always guys great show ❤️❤️❤️ you guys Ryan that boat of your does not heel a lot from what I have seen in the videos 👍

  6. Watched early this morning, put a smile on my face you guys are so funny.

  7. Love rocks. Show us the crystals your found. I’m sitting in corn fields in Indiana usa living thru u guys!! Thanks for ur journey.

  8. Hi guys
    Love the show since the beginning
    I have had my boat (moody 376) in southern Spain for 20 years used expensive micron and like you had barnacles so hard to remove the footprint!
    Changed to a brand “EU45” and never had another barnacle even after 2 years in the water
    Appreciate discussing anti foul is as emotive as religious beliefs but that’s my experience, hope it helps

  9. Aloha and God Bless you Three! Peace and Fair Winds be with you! Enjoy Spain – The people, architecture, and food is amazing! Tapas are delish! Hugs for Jackson aka MR. Would love to see your crystal treasures? Warmest Aloha via Maui!

  10. Learned something today…”torpedo nipples” 🤌😅

  11. That looked like boat soup! Jackson needs to be trained to hunt crystals not rats 😁Love it when Ryan gets serious. Sail Safe Guys, Ant, Cid & the pooch crew.

  12. Sorry we missed your live chat. Hope you have another soon. We'll make sure we're there for it. Cheers and happy sailing!

  13. Sooo good!! The videos are so fun to watch! Thanks for sharing. Love the food

  14. All that boat traffic looks like Malta on a Sunday evening returns back to Marsamxett Harbour.🤪🤪

  15. Wish I was young again , you guys are a hoot !

  16. In the crowded anchorages do any boat anchor chains get tangled with other boats anchor chains? Seems risky.

  17. Britini you cook like me!! Whatever in the pantry and add those sweet herbs abs alllllll the spices!!!!! Yummmmmmmmy! Cheers to happy cooking!!!!!

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