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130. Young couple sailing to Spain | The Balearic Islands | Sailing Sunday

130. Young couple sailing to Spain | The Balearic Islands | Sailing Sunday

This week we’re sailing from Sardinia to Menorca, Spain in the balearic islands and Brittni gets seasick during the passage. It was a quite the entertaining passage with Ryans cooking, Brittnis seasick, Jackson being Jackson, wind in all directions, bad swell, 1 knot of speed to 8 knots of speed, lets say it was an interesting sailing passage! Come join us on this 2 day passage and see what we get up to on the boat at sea while sailing!

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  1. For seasickness have you tried sucking ice blocks! Also take off the autopilot and get on the helm and hand steer !

  2. Oh a good curry and a beer also helps afterwards !

  3. Stay hydrated Britt! As a fellow professional projectile puker, just let it rip, drink a bottle of H20 with a beer chaser…and Bob’s your uncle. Works every time.

  4. Don’t feel bad for feeding the fish I do from time to time also which at times also sux being solo

  5. Ryan, stop putting shit on Brittany, just because she gets sea sickness, how would you feel if the shoe was on your feet and you couldn’t handle it?

  6. If you feel seasick the best thing to do is look at the horizon not at the water.

  7. poor brittany but liked the technicolor yawn effect, so aussie lol

  8. 5:47 have never sailed before in my life but I’ve got a sister who’s gotten into it. You can’t leave us hanging like that. What comes after motoring? Sorry if it’s obvious, I just can’t seem to figure it out.

  9. Love it😂😂, really good one🤟🥃

  10. Nice bow tie Ryan! I still miss the “Like & Prescribe” or was it describe? lol. Sorry the rolling waves are making you sick Britt. I’m not sure I could do it as I have trouble just watching your boat go up and down!

  11. You guys crack me up! Sorry Britt, the puking overboard was hilarious. I feel your pain though, I’ve been seasick and it sucks!! I definitely would not be able to do what you and Ryan do full time. Love your videos and can’t wait for next week!❤️

  12. Hi Guys, missed u guys on Sunday. Does Jackson need a little grooming! Hi Jack! sending u a big hug buddy from a favorite fan.

  13. Hi, Brittany does drinking baking soda w/ water help w/ seasickness by chance?

  14. Hey we’re better with seasick since we really got stuck into the ginger beer and ginger biscuits all day , it’s helped us a lot all through Arnhem Land and the gulf of carpenteria and we’re so much better when we ginger up all day . Not that is any permanent cure but exposure and ginger has helped .

  15. The shirt and tie reminded me of "Howdy Doody" lol…

  16. Five knots is great mate it’s a fast boat ! Two knots is tedious I’m not patient enough for two 6knots is terrifffic it’s a quick boat I think

  17. not howdy doody but Edgar Bergan Mortimer and this is way, way before my time. Weird don't know why but funny!

  18. Your not showing a tiny thing down there so don't worry about it

  19. Aaahhhh man! we feel you. Not nice when the sea state is shitty . . . . . Great video

  20. Great video guys, the most entertaining sailing video I have seen…..though I had concerns at the start with the Macarena
    "you have got more to puke up now baby", such a sweet and such a considerate gesture.

  21. Love your videos.. I there any way you can reverse your playlist so that they play from oldest to newest?

  22. I’m sorry to say it was a bit funny how you showed you throwing up!! Really enjoyed the sailing to Spain! Always love Jackson ⛵️

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