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14 Tips for an AWESOME Trip to Amsterdam

14 Tips for an AWESOME Trip to Amsterdam

Known as the “Venice of the North,” join me as I show you one of my favorite cities in the world.

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Known as “Venice of the North,” join me as I show you one of my favorite cities in the world.

Featured In this video:

The Pancake Bakery
The Pantry
Cafe de Klos
Little Collins


The Jordaan
De Pijp
The Red Light District (De Wallen)

Donkey Republic (bike rental)
Stromma.com (boat tour)
Rent-a-Bike (Bike Rental)

Duviel (Amsterdam’s first hip-hop bar)
Snappers (Great local bar)
Rembrandt squares (Lots of nightclubs)

Katsu Coffeeshop
Coffeeshop Yo-Yo


Zaanse Schans
Kasteel de Haar



  1. I love to watch you guys its gives me smile alone😁 amazing

  2. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  3. The THC density on consumables is near lead.

  4. biking really comes down to skill level and which city. I am a fairly good rider and was fine in Rotterdam, i don't think I'm Amsterdam material yet though.

  5. of all travel vids I've watched while planning my trip, this is the best! I laughed, I took notes, I drooled over the food, thanks!

  6. thank you!!! this was really helpfull. also you're really funny 🙂

  7. where did you buy that brownie? I need directions to that place

  8. I spent tonight watching SEVERAL travel videos on Amsterdam and there's some great ones out there, but this one was the best!

  9. If you bring enough money then anywhere is a great experience.

  10. Very good practical video. Long on helpful tips and short on verbosity and obvious info. Thanks Matt!

  11. Thank you for this amazing video, Matt & Chris! Your videos are top-notch professional. I've been to Amsterdam and loved it, but I wish I'd seen your video first. I would have had more fun, I think. Anyway, I'd like to create some travel videos as well but could use some suggestions if you don't mind? First, where can I get an animated intro video like the one you have (suitcase, title card, etc)? Also how are you getting these animated maps to "pop" up a specific location? Any help would be appreciated. Either way, keep up the great work! Brian

  12. Very informative video, especially for those who are taking a trip to Amsterdam. Wonderful cinematography along with witty banter and an overall laid back view. Liked and Subbed for sure!

  13. This guy just made amsterdam look right shit, it's mint don't worry about this nonsense, didn't even tell you about mushrooms

  14. hotels zijn wel goedkoper hoor, er zijn ook 2 a 3 sterren hotels, en die zijn 80 euro of zelfs 75 euro per nacht met ontbijt erbij

  15. Thanks Matt! Going here in 3 weeks with my American girlfriend (i'm British). We're going to use all of your tips! Hope you're planning more videos in future. Thanks my friend!

  16. In love with amsterdam. a big hallo from Hamburg ( germany)

  17. Hi, Matt. Hubby and I are doing the Viking Grand European tour in 2 weeks and we found your channel and this video on Amsterdam tonight. Our first stop is in Amsterdam with a 2 day extension. Your tips were really appreciated. We subscribed and we thank you!

  18. Love the video. Informative and hilarious. Kept me engaged

  19. – Matt's Travel Tips : "don't film the prostitutes"

    – Also Matt's Travel Tips : actually films the prostitutes

  20. Has anybody told you that you look like Hugh Grant in his earlier days? 😊

  21. Ann Frank was a lie she wrote in biro pen. That came out in 1958. Whoops I told you it's fact ⚒️👊🏾⚒️

  22. Hope to do those lists after I get stoned.

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