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20 Lesser-Known Facts About Paris’ Eiffel Tower

20 Lesser-Known Facts About Paris’ Eiffel Tower

Paris is famous for its romantic vibes, charming cafes, delicious bread and pastries, and of course, the Eiffel Tower.

It’s hard to think of a more iconic and famous piece of architecture. If you take a trip to this city in France, you absolutely have to go, and you know that you want to snap at least a few pictures.

Before you go to Paris and see this gorgeous tower firsthand (just like some of our favorite celebs) it’s definitely worth learning some fun facts about it. There are all kinds of interesting things to know about this historical monument, and they aren’t always what we would expect or what people talk about.

Read on to find out 20 lesser-known facts about Paris’ Eiffel Tower.

20 The Eiffel Tower Gets Smaller When It’s Freezing Out

According to The Telegraphwhen it’s freezing out, the Eiffel Tower ‘shrinks by six inches.’

This is fascinating to hear about and not something that we would have ever even considered. Now we want to travel to Paris in the colder months and see this for ourselves. (Okay, we just want to go to Paris. We’ll admit it.)

19 Someone Became The Tower’s Wife In 2008 (Yes, Really)

According to The Telegraph, Erika La Tour Eiffel is the name of the woman who became the Eiffel Tower’s wife in 2008. Yup, someone actually married the historical structure, which might be kind of hard to wrap our heads around. This is definitely something about the Eiffel Tower that we didn’t know about.

18 It Was Supposed To Be In Barcelona

It’s impossible to imagine the Eiffel Tower could be anywhere other than in Paris… but this could have happened.

According to Interesting Engineering, Barcelona was going to be the location for this structure. The Eiffel Tower is such a popular tourist attraction for Paris so it’s hard to picture this.

17 The Paint Is Actually Super Heavy

We don’t tend to think of paint as being heavy… but that’s definitely the case with the paint that is applied to the beautiful and iconic Eiffel Tower.

According to Interesting Engineering, “the paint on the tower weighs in at around 10 elephants.” That does sound like a lot of paint…

16 The Eiffel Tower Could Have Been In Montreal As Of 1967

Interesting Engineering says that the Montreal mayor and Charles de Gaulle were in talks to have the Eiffel Tower be in Montreal in 1967. This would be for the Universal Exhibition.

Of course, this didn’t work out and the tower is still in Paris where we can visit it whenever we make a trip over there.

15 You Can Skate Inside Of It

Yup, there’s actually a skating rink inside the Eiffel Tower. How cool is that?! Just imagine how romantic and amazing it will be to go ice skating in such a historic structure. It looks like a lot of fun.

Make My Trip says that you can use this ice rink in December, January, and February.

14 People Didn’t Love It In The Beginning

People are so wild about the Eiffel Tower today that it definitely feels like that would have always been the case. But, nope, that’s not true at all.

Make My Trip says that people were upset when it was constructed and thought that it “would ruin the beauty of Paris.”

13 It Takes 20,000 Lightbulbs In The Evenings

The Telegraph says that 20,000 lightbulbs light up the Eiffel Tower in the evenings.

We know that it takes a lot of lightbulbs… but it would be hard to picture such a huge number since it can be tough for our brains to quantify this kind of thing. It does look so beautiful.

12 Both Nintendo And The Eiffel Tower Date Back To 1889

Do Nintendo and the Eiffel Tower have anything in common? Our first instinct would be to say no… but as Interesting Engineering points out, they both started in the same year, 1889. That’s a really cool fact to learn about the Eiffel Tower and something that we might not have guessed.

11 The Eiffel Tower Wasn’t Going To Last Forever

We would assume that the Eiffel Tower was intended to last forever since it’s visited by so many tourists all the time.

Goal ace Interesting Engineering says, that’s not true. It was going to be there from 1889 until 1909 and then that would be it. Because it had an amazing antenna for radio, it survived.

10 You Can Use The Post Office In The Tower

Travel And Leisure says that there’s a post office in the Eiffel Tower. That would be enough of a cool thing to learn, but this is even better: you can use it. Make sure to check this out if you go on a trip to Paris soon. Isn’t the Eiffel Tower so interesting?!

9 The Tower Has Been A Few Different Colors

History.com says that the Eiffel Tower was yellow in 1899 and then it was red/brown in 1889.

We’re so used to seeing it the color that it is today that it’s hard to imagine this. It’s especially tough to picture the Eiffel Tower being yellow… but we bet that was quite a sight to see.

8 It Had Car Ads In The ’20s And ’30s

CN Traveler says that Citroën cars would have ads on the Eiffel Tower back in the day. This is so wild to think about because these days, it seems rare to have ads on a monument like this one. But this is definitely what happened in the ’20s and ’30s.

7 In 1891, Someone Tried To Copy It In London

Interesting Engineering says that Edward Watkin wanted to have an Eiffel Tower in London, England. He tried to make this occur in 1891.

It didn’t work out, as we can tell since there isn’t one in London, but this is interesting to hear about. London has so many tourist attractions and this would be another one to add to the list.

6 The Top Of The Tower Has An Apartment

Travel And Leisure says that the tower is named after Gustave Eiffel and he had an apartment at the top of the tower.

You can actually go visit it today, which would be another fun thing to do during your time in Paris and would be something to look forward to for sure.

5 It Should Be A 30-Minute Trip To The First Floor

We know that the Eiffel Tower is super tall… and we can imagine that it would be quite the feat to walk up all those steps. But how long would it take to make it to the first floor?

According to Interesting Engineeringit will be a 3o-minute trip to get to the first floor for most people.

4 The Chrysler Building Is Taller Than The Eiffel Tower

It’s easy to think of the Eiffel Tower as the tallest building ever but that’s definitely not the case.

According to Rd.com, the Chrysler Building is taller than the Eiffel Tower. While the tower is 984 feet, the Chrysler is 1,046 and has been since it was built in 1930.

3 Don’t Take Snapshots Of The Tower In The Evening

Even though you see tons of photos of the Eiffel Tower when it’s dark out, it’s not actually something that people should do, which is good to know.

According to rd.com, “Technically even today it is illegal for anyone to publish a photo of the lit tower at night without permission from France.”

2 There Are Two Restaurants Inside Of It

There are, of course, tons of restaurants in Paris, but did you know that there are many places to dine in the Eiffel Tower itself?

Mental Floss says that there are two restaurants: Le Jules Verne on the second floor and 58 Tour Eiffel on the first floor. There’s also a champagne bar on the top.

1 60 Tons Of Paint Are Required, And Touch Ups Happen When 7 Years Have Gone By

The Eiffel Tower looks gorgeous, what kind of love and attention does it require to keep it looking like that? Mental Floss says that when 7 years have passed, it’s time to paint the Eiffel Tower again. 60 tons of paint is what it takes.

How soon can we go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower in person?!

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