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how to choose it well?

couteau japonais global

The Global Japanese Knife is an excellent tool for all cooks. It is made with the best materials and it is very easy to use. The Global Japanese knife: a versatile tool for the kitchen Read morethe Japanese recipe to savor without moderationThe Global Japanese knife is a versatile tool for the kitchen. It can be used for cutting, mincing and slicing with high precision. Its blade is made of stainless steel, which makes it highly resistant to corrosion. In addition, it is easy to clean and […]

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The best high-end Japanese knives

couteau japonais haut de gamme

Japanese cuisine is one of the most popular kitchens in the world, and its knives are an important part of this kitchen. Japanese knives are known to be some of the best in the world, and they are often considered the best high-end knives. These knives are made from different types of metals, including stainless steel, carbon, and titanium. The blades of these knives are usually very sharp, which makes them ideal for fine cutting food. What makes a good Japanese knife? Read morethe Japanese recipe to […]

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how to choose it well?

couteau japonais damas

Welcome to my blog, dedicated to my passion for Japanese knives. Today, I’m going to tell you about a very particular type of knife: the Japanese damask knife. Read morethe Japanese recipe to savor without moderationThe Japanese Damascus knife is a true masterpiece of Japanese craftsmanship. It is made using a traditional technique called “Damask”, which involves combining several types of steel to create a unique and beautiful pattern on the blade. This type of knife is highly valued for its beauty, but also for its ability […]

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What to do in Munduk in Bali? THE place not to be missed

Que faire à Munduk à Bali ? LE lieu à ne pas manquer pour échapper à la foule et se ressourcer en pleine nature

After the mixed opinion on the floating temple, get ready to read our return on the Leke Leke waterfall. Before going there, we saw it everywhere on social networks, described as THE MOST BEAUTIFUL waterfall in Bali. What about us? Read moreWhat to do in Bali – Little GypsyObjectively, the place is extremely photogenic. The shape of the waterfall gives the impression of being in the womb of mother nature and with some edits on Lightroom the result is splendid. But the reality on site, at a […]

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The best Japanese knives of the moment (UPDATE 2023)

meilleur couteau japonais

As so often in this blog, we are going to review a whole series of Japanese knives. but this faith, we selected only the best and it was hard! Read morethe Japanese recipe to savor without moderationLet’s discover together our selection of best japanese knives for this new year 2023. Characteristics of Japanese knives Japanese knives are famous for their beauty, design features and detail, as well as the perfect cut they produce. Read moreYakitori beef cheese, a delight from JapanTheir edge is usually thin and delicate, […]

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Udon noodles, the favorite recipe of the Japanese!

nouilles udon recette

Udon noodles and their little history Udon noodles are the thickest in Japan.They are usually eaten in a clear broth and sometimes with vegetables or fish.This dish originates from Kagawa prefecture, located in the Shikoku archipelago, Japan. Ingredients for 4 persons 200 g dry udon noodles 4 tablespoons soy sauce 4 tablespoons of rice vinegar 1/2 teaspoon powdered sugar 1/2 oyster stock cube 5 cm fresh ginger root 1 onion 1 teaspoon vegetable oil 4 slices of bread 4 eggs 4 tablespoons fresh chives 2 liters of […]

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What to see and do in Bali? TripConnection


 Read moreWhat to do in Bali – Little Gypsy What to see and do in Bali? TripConnection Read moreWhat to do in Bali – Selection of activities Are you planning a trip to Bali and would like to know what to see and do in Bali? To answer these questions, nothing beats the sound advice of a local expert. Here are the answers from Agus Putra, independent guide and Bali specialist! Agus Putra, your top 3 reasons to visit Bali? Bali stirs the hearts of any […]

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Miso soup, a traditional recipe from Japan

recette soupe miso

History of miso soup Miso soup is a traditional Japanese dish. It is made of tofu, broth and vegetables. The soup is usually served cold in summer and hot in winter. Read morethe Japanese recipe to savor without moderationThis recipe, from the ancestral Japanese culture, is one of the basic dishes among the 3 traditional meals of Japan. We will see in this article one of the many possible variations of the recipe. Ingredients for 4 people (about a large bowl of miso soup each) – 1 […]

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63 Places to Visit in Bali: What to Do? Where to go ? Tourist card

You wish discover the must-see cities and places to go, as well as the most beautiful natural sites to travel to Bali ? Here is our selection of 21 places to discover. #1 Ubud Read moreWhat to do in Bali – Little GypsyUnmissable place #Temple #Museum #Rice field #Jungle #Market Read moreWhat to do in Bali – Selection of activitiesIt is the cultural heart of Bali, nestled among rice paddies and jungle. We find in this city of artists many temples, markets, and museums. It’s also the […]

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