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Chicago has just been voted the best city in the United States

For the ninth consecutive year, the Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards elect the best cities in the world, and in particular those in the United States. Read moreIs it a Good Investment? 01 ───── 12 (c) beboy, Shutterstock Read moreKane will make his debut against the Senators on Thursday 02 ───── 12 (c) f11photo, Shutterstock 03 ───── 12 (c) Maria Sbytova, Shutterstock 04 ───── 12 (c) James Andrews1, Shutterstock 05 ───── 12 (c) MaxyM, Shutterstock 06 ───── 12 (c) Designifty, Shutterstock 07 ───── 12 (c) Rajesh […]

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What to visit in Chicago? A short guide to the Windy City

Guide pour visiter Chicago

Unsplash Read moreIs it a Good Investment? Whether you want to visit Chicago in 2 days, 7 days or more, we reassure you: there is plenty to do! So, what to visit in Chicago for the weekend or the holidays? Discover the best activities to do in Chicago, also called “Windy City” or the “City of the Winds”. Read moreKane will make his debut against the Senators on ThursdayEven if we talk about it less than New York or Los Angeles, you should know that Chicago is […]

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What to do in Chicago? Our list of the 12 essentials

Chicago - Chicago en français

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States and it has nothing to envy to others on the things you can do there. There windy city of the Midwest is known for its modern and bold architecture. We walk there with our eyes in the air. With Chicago in Frenchcount on us to show you the best facets of this city which has not been named “the coolest city in the world” several times for nothing 😉 Read moreIs it a Good Investment?Here is […]

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The New York/Chicago Corridor

FROM NEW YORK * IF NECESSARY, YOU CAN ALSO DO THE ITINERARY IN REVERSE Day 1: NYC Read moreIs it a Good Investment?Arrival in New York. Hotel check-in. Free time at your disposal. Read moreKane will make his debut against the Senators on ThursdayNight: New York City Watson Hotel *** or similar Day 2 & 3: NYC Take advantage of 2 full days to explore nyc. Depending on whether it’s your first time in town or not, you might want to arrange a few tours to be […]

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Chicago, an extraordinary city: why go there?

Chicago, in the state of Illinois, is home to the blues and other musical styles with a very strong message, such as gospel and jazz. Luis Armstrong recorded his 78 rpm West end blues there in 1928. And yes, “Chi Town” is also associated with rap, less than LA or NY but all the same, gangsta rap, its transgressive texts, its suits and its gold chains are largely inspired by the prohibition years and by Al Capone, the Chicago crime boss. Steve McQueen’s latest film, Widows, against […]

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15 must-do things to do in Chicago

Cloud Gate, porte des nuages, Millennium Park, Chicago

Visit Chicago: what are the best things to do and see in “the windy city”? Summary Chicago, we have all heard of this American city. Many TV series (Tomorrow, front page, Married two children, prison Break, The Good Wife, Emergency room) take place in this incredible city. When you want to visit Chicago, you imagine the city imprisoned under the snow, caught in gusts of icy wind. After the terrible fire that devastated a very large part of the city at the beginning of the 20th century, […]

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Windy City: why this nickname?

Chicago et son surnom de Windy City (via

But what is hidden behind this nickname of Windy City?? This is one of the biggest questions and the answers would all be wrong… Read moreIs it a Good Investment?Myself, when I spoke to you about what to know about chicago I made the “mistake”. But is it really? I had asked several Chicagoans and this was the only answer I got. But it is clear that behind the nickname of Windy City there is a lot of mystery. As I had this discussion recently on Twitter, […]

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10 must-do things to do in Chicago

With its 76 different neighborhoods (including the largest (delicious!) Mexican American neighborhood in the United States!), its 570 parks, its 245 miles of bike lanes, its countless architectural marvels, its vibrant food scene and its multitude of activities, Chicago is this great American city that charms at first sight. Between friends, love at first sight for the Windy City is as numerous as it is dazzling. Here are a few that are still fresh in our hearts as travelers. The Architectural Cruise on the Chicago River Read […]

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the top 10 sites not to be missed!

Visit Chicago, the third largest city in the United States and the largest city in the Midwest! Tall buildings, an important economic and cultural center, Chicago has a lot to offer its visitors! With very contrasting seasons (very hot summer and freezing winter) “the Windy City” (“the windy city”, in French) has something that New York does not have: the sumptuous view of Lake Michigan! And so many other things to offer. Do you want to visit Chicago? An overview with our top 10 things to do […]

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Chicago fires its mayor | Richard Hétu’s blog

The voters of Chicago, the third American city, inflicted a resounding snub on Tuesday on their mayor, Lori Lightfoot, by firing her after only one term. They expressed their deep dissatisfaction with Lightfoot’s handling of crime, an endemic problem that has worsened over the past four years. Read moreIs it a Good Investment? The first black and homosexual woman to lead the Windy City, Lightfood did not even manage to qualify for the second round of the municipal election. She finished third among nine candidates with 17.06 […]

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