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40. Sailing the Turkish Coast | Marmaris | Turkey | Sailing the Mediterranean | Sailing Kawai

40. Sailing the Turkish Coast | Marmaris | Turkey | Sailing the Mediterranean | Sailing Kawai

We have been so lucky to sail the Mediterranean for over a year, but this week it comes to an end. We finish the season in Turkey, a beautiful country which is so often forgotten or misunderstood. We sail the coast on route for Marmaris where we would lift Kawai and winter her until we return from Australia.

We begin by sailing from Didim where we collect our papers from our agent to the picturesque town of Akyarla, where we spend a chilled afternoon enjoying a few beers overlooking the pretty town. We enjoy a traditional Turkish meal at a local restaurant and post a new video while eating (using the restaurant wifi).

With some strong winds we head for Ciflik, 88nm from Akyarla and zigzag in between many of the Greek Islands we had previously anchored. It’s a bittersweet moment, as it’s our last sail of the season but a step closer to seeing family and friends back in Australia.

Kawai will be spending her time at Marmaris Yacht Marina, so we anchor outside and sort the paper work before preparing the boat for a lift. We bring down the sails and our sailing comes to an end for a while.

About us:

Our names are Jason and Tracey and we traded our house, cars, business, job and security for freedom, adventure, travel and living simply amongst nature and the seas on our 45 foot Hanse 445 sailing boat, Kawai.

We don’t know exactly where the winds will take us at this stage but over the next year we hope to sail to Turkey, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia.

Jase loves making travel videos and we decided to upload to youtube to share our adventure. We really hope you enjoy and feel free to drop us a comment any time to chat or subscribe to follow along 🙂


Jason: https://www.instagram.com/jase_stephe
Tracey: https://www.instagram.com/trace_y02/?

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Thanks for watching
Jason and Tracey
Sailing Kawai



  1. I missed both your smiles , and the joy of sailing that just glows from the vlog 🙂

  2. Terrific seeing your smiling faces again. Keep safe and well.

  3. "Tracey, you look so…" And I thought you were going to say "Beautiful", but no – smug ! You unromantic Aussie Bloke !!!!
    Ciftlik is beautiful. I have called in there 3 times, once with Katie who was 12 at the time. Great food and hospitality )
    Was strange watching your footage of Marmaris Yacht Marina ! Was October 2019 when I winterised 'Time Out' there. None of us knew it would be 3 years (hopefully) before we would return !
    Looking forward to meeting you both there next year )

  4. Any other sailors stuck due to covid? Where is your boat?

  5. Next time in Marmaris, is really worth a stop in Ciftlik at Deniz Restaurant. Fresh bread made in the wood fire oven by Mrs Durdan is just fantastic. Nice mooring, safe, water and electricity free but mostly the people. Hope we will meet at some point sailing in Meds waters. Greetings from Oxford 🙂

  6. Wow bloody Wow… I'm Sad but happy… BUT! frekin sad on this vid…Every time one of your vids pops up its usually after Serap and I have had a few beers or a wine and we're setlin back to watch some telly great timing lol….Anyway hearing ya say y'all be on the hard for a little while breaks my heart knowing what we know now. The Rona changed our course of life and it frekin sux. Hope kawai is being looked after by the Marmaris mob. They seemed pretty organised down there. Guys I hope ya can get back to your boat sooner rather than later you must be going mad not knowing when ya can return. Stay safe you salty dogs and good luck. Pete and Serap.

  7. Loved it well done and thanks.

    Can't wait till you're back there making more videos in 2022.

    We left Greece same time as you…who'd have thought we'd not make it back for two years? All the best Hugh

  8. Love this video!!
    Can't wait till we are in the med looking for the right boat to live our dream before we are too late

  9. Great to have you back. Your content is splendid.
    BTW. What year is your H445?

  10. Great video. I have a couple of questions. 1. Why did you choose that Marina? Is it cheaper to keep a boat on the hard in Turkey than other countries in the Med? 2. Why did you not return to your Yacht in 2020 or 2021? I think you can get out with permission from the worlds biggest jail but getting back is not so easy. Uncertain times for sure. Looking forward to your adventures when you finally escape.

  11. Great to have you back with this video
    Currently suffering through Level 4 lockdown in NZ , not even allowed in to the marina to visit out yacht , let alone sail it .
    Look forward to your next video update .

  12. Thank you for this update! We have wondered how you are doing in Australia, and how soon we might see you sailing again. Be well!

  13. So good to see you on You Tube again. It has invigorated us again after a two year 'break' on starting our dream and following your footsteps (wind). All good as good things have happen here in Aus but we are all vaxed up and ready to go! Very heartening to see you also think early 2022 will be the time. We found your first vid. informative around the purchase process and wish to thank you for sharing all your information. All the best, hope to see you over there.

  14. So happy to see you guys! Just wish you were over here in the med on your sweet Kawai. Hope you are both happy, healthy and safe. Those Australian borders will open soon and your sailing days will start up in a jiffy. Hope to see you both in 2022 as we head west!

  15. I see you published this at the beginning of September, but you are dressed for winter. Was it already that cold ?

  16. When are you guys going back? Cant wait to see more of your trip… TR is open border and covid is not that bad, eveyones having a good time there accept for us down in NZ lol

  17. Really enjoyed your series, hopefully I'll join you if my aspirations become achievable. Looking forward to following your next journeys

  18. Hope this message finds you well. We are a cruising couple sailing Croatian coast for the last year or so on our newly purchased sailboat Sea Bee. We plan on a passage to Turkey upcoming season. Not sure when/if you are planning on getting back on Kawai but if things work out it would be awesome to meet you two and exchange stories over cold beer. Best

  19. Hi, I am I Mamaris and noticed your boat on the hard, do you know when you will return? Can send you a picture if you would like.

  20. I just found your channel and am now a subscribers a very good vidio hope there are lots more to come thanks for sharing

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