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A Closer Look Inside Pattaya's Soapy Massage Parlours. Vol 1 (4K)

A Closer Look Inside Pattaya's Soapy Massage Parlours. Vol 1 (4K)

This series of videos gives you a closer look of what to expect in the notorious ‘Soapy Massage’ parlours in the city of Pattaya.
They’re not for the faint hearted, so watch them all first before you plan a visit for the first time.
It’s certainly not for everybody!

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  1. She went to get lunch spicy 🌶️🌶️😅

  2. Good video (seen better). Too bad you're too embarrassed to try to bang one cause of your micro D (or just can't afford it)!

  3. Is it safe to take their service..i Mean do they get medically checked regularly for STD?

  4. Regarding your on screen comments about the girls…you'd be surprised at just how good of an experience these women know how to provide. Also, most clientele, if not all, wear condoms so these girls are probably cleaner than your normal girl, not to mention the number of times they actually get into a nice warm bubble bath each shift.

  5. Sad really when men haven't the ball's to meet a girl in person and take on a date. They have to resort to filth like these places who degrade other human beings.

  6. We need that in USa.All states.Such pretty ladies.

  7. Interesting video brother but my heart is not allowing me to trust one thing. But never the less, it is very nice shot. God bless you

  8. Have never understood why any dude would pay for sex at a Brothel. It is one of life's simple pleasures that is free.

  9. Highly suspect you're a homosexual or not straight after watching this

  10. Why are the guys sitting at the tables? Do they serve drinks or are the guys taking their time choosing a girl??

  11. Cool video . They do Soapy massage. On average how much am I looking at for everything.

  12. 5:28…That's what protection is for lol
    Put on a GLOVE and they will LOVE YOU LONG TIME😎

  13. thanks for the Vid but we dont care about your mythical "Big D" and if you had this "Monster" you say you have… them being stretched out wouldn't matter … so for future vids just STFU and show us what were missing!

  14. Remenber a guy with a "monster" until I asked ex-girlfriend " nothing special "was her answer , I believe women not wat guys pretend…

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