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A DAY at DUBAI AIRPORT! What did I learn? #Dubai#Emirates#Travel#Transit#Airport

A DAY at DUBAI AIRPORT! What did I learn?   #Dubai#Emirates#Travel#Transit#Airport

January 2021 after meeting my family in India:- I was travelling to Cape Town, South Africa via. Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Travel during the pandemic is a pain – airlines have modified their schedule, flight frequency is very very limited, and country specific rules to quarantine after arrival makes it even more challenging. Because of this – I had no choice other than taking this Emirates flight with layover of 26 hours in Dubai. Again it was not possible to get out of the airport to avoid mandatory quarantine in South Africa, infection risk and need to test again.

26 hours break down:-
0- 8 hours:-
I was doing fine :- high on energy and motivated to make the most in-depth video ever on Dubai airport (which is one of the biggest and busiest in the world).

8 – 16 hours :-
I took a lounge for EIGHT hours, and it was fine initially, but started to get little boring after few hours.

16 -24 hours:-
This was the worse :- I was exhausted – suffocated – and was dying to get out and breathe some fresh air.

Being trapped in world’s best airport made me realised how difficult life is for the ones who are either locked in prison, or stuck in a job they hate (but yet go to office for TEN hours every day), or married to someone against will.

Life is touch and to find someone you really happy with OR a job you love is all very difficult. All we can do is :- stay positive, calm, support each other and keep trying.

About Health Gossip & Beyond:-
Health Gossip & beyond is a bilingual channel (English and Hindi), where I am creating content around travel, health and other topics. Goal is to :- Engage, Entertain, and Communicate the message around happy – healthy life.

Fun and entertaining – yet informative content every week.



  1. You had transit visa for Dubai?

  2. Nice dear we (me my wife and two sons) mooving to Durban as a research scientist! How about it for kids education if bit you can share! BTW nice videos! I hope we will be having little lesser layover at Dubai!

  3. How to get job in Dubai airport

  4. Its so helpful information, i hv plan in this near to transit in dubai, i think i'll feel exhausted same like you too 18 hrs transit huhu, for lounge you still hv to pay or not?

  5. Wonderful man, thanks for sharing 👍. Can you say a little about immigration process at CPT? What docs did they require/ check? What's the covid situation there around you now

  6. I will transit in Dubai too, so Thanks for this video

  7. Since your layover was more than 8 hours, Why you did not claim the free hotel and food within the airport premises? I am curious to know even if they closed due to pandemic but they will permit you free of cost in the business lounge waiting area plus free meal.

  8. Hey brother!
    I will have 22 hours transition time in Dubai next week and I do not have any idea what to do. Any suggestions if you have so kindly comment here.

  9. Hi did u require a transit visa for Dubai since u had to had a layover for so long

  10. Can you please tell how to get lounge access…i will be traveling to dubai and i have 15 hrs hault….🙏🙏

  11. what facilities gives a airlines at layover time, they give any food and anything free ?

  12. Helloo bro , how much did you pay for the lounge?? Please reply

  13. Hello bro, really good video
    I want your guidance please 🙏
    I have flight to India from portugal via dubai , I have 22 hours layover at dubai airport, my question is that covid test is compulsory because of long layover or not ? If I spend my whole layover at terminal is that any problem?

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