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A Dubai Hotel GM’s modus operandi for pre-opening success

A Dubai Hotel GM’s modus operandi for pre-opening success

Meet Mikael Svensson, GM of the soon-to-be-opened Viceroy Palm Jumeirah Dubai. He gets asked the same question a lot: what does a GM actually do a year before a hotel opens its doors? A whole lot of things, as it turns out. First and foremost, he says, is establishing a plan with key milestones and meeting them on time – no small task for a 477-room luxury property with 10 outlets! Those milestones include finding the right people, sourcing operating equipment and FFE, and insuring the communication plan comes out at the right time. One of his biggest challenges? Fielding the 1’000+ applications that have come in, and reaching out to every single candidate to ensure he gets the best staff. Svensson says the most important skill for a GM to have is focus, as every detail counts when setting the tone for a new operation. To hear more of this thoughts on the Dubai hotel market and how Viceroy will make its mark on the unique city, watch the full video!



  1. i visited all 5 stars hotel in Dubai even in the Palm , i hope mister Mikael will good manage about towards the guest . i didnt see the care in other hotels in 100 percent . I am going to try Viceroy in april .

  2. Who your target market is key

  3. stop bouncing your head around dear interviewer it makes the viewers nervous

  4. Please do not say GM, say General Manager!!!!!
    Is not cool, is just American

  5. Excellence.. great content for great people.👍👍👍✍

  6. I don't know why these hotel can't hire we degree holders we have quench of thirst for working these properties but unfortunately we didn't find jobs because when we people want to join then there is no vacancy

  7. Hello everyone,
    Do you know the name of the presenter/host?
    Thank you very much

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