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a fun thing to do in the morning mug 8 things you’ve already experienced if you’re a coffee addict!

a fun thing to do in the morning mug 8 things you’ve already experienced if you’re a coffee addict!

Without coffee in the morning, you are at the bottom of the abyss…

Are you addicted to coffee? No problem, it’s only a moderately lethal drug, it’s fine!

1. You’ve already learned about the lethal dose of caffeine

excitement coffee cup

Because with the liters you consume, you were a little afraid of putting your life in danger. All addictive substances are bad for your health (like heroin) in short, to overdose on coffee you have to drink about 80 espressos, that’s a lot…

2. You have your personal mug at work

Out of the question of having to drink from a cup of frightening banality. Coffee, you do it honour. So you have invested in a sublime cup that all your open space envies you!

3. You tried different types of coffee

coffee cup stress

Arabica, Robusta, blablabla… You are able to tell the difference between two types of coffee, while most people buy their coffee at random! You are a pro!

4. From coffee maker

You know very well that the Nespresso is not my best coffee maker, it’s completely crazy… You have your own tastes in coffee, and you know that the best is a good old bistro machine (or piston, or Italian, everyone has their own opinion ..)

5. You have a real coffee budget

rebirth mug

Like any drug addict, a large part of your budget is devoted to your addiction. If you like coffee and you have bad taste, for example, you will blow your PEL to invest in PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte for novices) a little worked coffee immediately costs almost 6€ (#Inadmissible)

6. A day without coffee is a shitty day.

You might even have that “so original” mug (you’re a special snowflake

7. You’ve had trouble sleeping before.

By dint of drinking to your heart’s content, you found yourself unable to sleep. Remember, coffee is a stimulant.

8. You’ve already Googled “coffee overdose symptoms”

too much coffee

But now you know that death only occurs after about 80 espressos, so basically that’s fine.

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