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a fun thing to do in the morning mug Surprise your favorite people with an original mug!

a fun thing to do in the morning mug Surprise your favorite people with an original mug!

There are a thousand ways to show our loved ones and friends how important they are to us. We can do them a favor, say a few words that always make them smile or give them a gift as great as a mug Mr Wonderful !

gift mugs Mr. Wonderful

Discover our seven new mug designs to celebrate love or friendship.

Friendship mug Mr. Wonderful cup with message

There’s no one like your best friend. She accompanies you in all your follies, but she also knows how to give you the best advice. And because your friendship is the most beautiful in the whole universe, there is no better gift to give him than this friendship mug with message !

Friendship mug with funny message Mr. Wonderful

Who is the best adviser of all, the one who offers you free psychology sessions and who lends you everything you need as soon as you ask him? This person deserves to be recognized for everything they do for you, with this mug to offer that we created especially for her.

mug best friends gift Mr. Wonderful

Friendships like yours have almost disappeared, so it is important to do everything possible to keep it, for example, by offering this nice mug which celebrates an incredible friendship! It’s a perfect gift idea for your best friend.

Mug with thank you message Mr. Wonderful friendship gift

We all have a person who is always ready to listen to us at all times, who answers our calls even at 3 a.m. on Sundays and who always answers our messages. It’s a rare thing these days, so you have to thank whoever is always there for you! Offer this great mug to that person who is always available for you.

Mr. Wonderful couple mug

There are people who are so amazing that they can even make us forget our bad mood before coffee. So tell her how much you love her with this fun mug whose message will surely please him.

Mr. Wonderful romantic text love mug

What is the most spectacular place you have visited? A cosmopolitan city? A paradise beach? There’s probably never been a place where you felt better than with your other half. Remind him of that with this mug with romantic message.

mug love original gift idea Mr. Wonderful

If someone asked you what you like best about the person you love the most, what would you say? You wouldn’t be able to choose, would you? It’s simple, she simply stole your heart! This original mug to offer to your half will be ideal to remind him that your heart belongs to him.

With the Mr Wonderful mugs, we are never wrong. They make a versatile gift, with fun messages that suit any occasion. So, if you want to give an original and super cute gift, choose a Wonder mug. You’ll aim right every time!

Gift mugs Mr. Wonderful

The person you give it to will think of you while enjoying their tea, coffee, hot chocolate and all their favorite drinks.

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