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A Tour of Marmaris, Turkey | Tourist Heaven or Hell?

A Tour of Marmaris, Turkey | Tourist Heaven or Hell?

Exploring the popular beach resort town of Marmaris on the south coast of Turkey. Support Gabriel’s videos on Patreon: …



  1. If you were to choose between Turkey and Ecuador, which one would you choose? For visit and for living?

  2. Many happy memories of Marmaris. visited several times and will no doubt return one day. Great video, lovely to see familiar places.

  3. The reason why there is a "It is forbidden to jump into the sea" sign there is because the sea does not get deep immediately and those parts are still very shallow. So if you try to dive you run the risk of hurting your neck or worse.^^

  4. Not sure why you are calling it tourist craziness..place is dead..and it looks gorgeous..consider yourself lucky you got to go at all..Turkiye looks nicer than most major US cities dude!

  5. ..on the west side of Icmeler you'll find the village of Turunc, a lovely little quiet place.

  6. Marmaris is cheap to visit, Just booked 7 nights bed and breakfast beach hotel, return flights from Edinburgh plus transfers all for £215.00 roll on November.

  7. We must have criss-crossed eachother 10 times in Turkey!! We were in almost every spot as you just before your videos came out. It was funny to watch. We love your content and hope to see you out there soon.

  8. Spent some time in marmaris and visited the bazaar and I purchased some clothing and leather belts reckon I got a good deal but I was puzzled by the stallholder placing the money on the floor to be picked up by an older man

  9. AH the grand bazza this is where i saw a knife fight between two stall workers….. lovely place wont be going back

  10. I was there in 1988. It looks beautiful off season, I probably would enjoy it very touristy now.

  11. Really familiar places, I was there during summer 2019.

  12. I spent my entire childhood living here and im not gonna lie i got a little emotional after seeing and recognizing 80% of the places you recorded 🙂

  13. 5:34 yes that way goes to centre marmaris with bike road..best part of marmaris is on that way..dense pine trees and beach resorts there

  14. It’s a great place, you can find a decent fry up in most places, there is even a fish and chip shop in most places. I sometimes struggle to get a decent cup of tea sometimes though

  15. Greetings to Turks and Turkey from Serbia (Sirbistan). I hope we will spend our vacations in Marmaris this summer without any issues and terms,pcr tests or vaccine.

  16. hello Gabriel, I'm thinking about Marmaris and Bodrum. After watching your videos, I still haven't come to a decision. Which of these areas would you prefer for a week's vacation? I mean relaxing on the beach and walking around including old town. Thanks for your channel.

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