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Aleix Espargaró’s mistake in Montmeló already happened in 2009

Aleix Espargaró’s mistake in Montmeló already happened in 2009

Aleix Espargaro He went from happiness to absolute sadness at the home GP. He was having a perfect weekend, he was the fastest in free practice and he started from pole, everything was rosy until what happened happened. The race did not start as he would have liked, Quartararo passed him in the first corner, but he remained in a magnificent second position, containing the Ducati of Martín and Zarco. But a oversight turned the party into a day to forget. Although what happened to the Spaniard is not the first time it has happened to a pilot in the Circuit of Barcelona-Catalonia.

The driver from Granollers believed that the race was over and began to greet the fans celebrating that he had finished second, but there was still one lap to go. When he found out he was sixth. He threw hard and passed Marini at the last breath to finish fifth, which caused him to lose 14 points with Quartararo in the world Cup. Espargaró acknowledged that he could not see the remaining laps on the team’s board and looked at the control tower of the circuit. This is the same thing that happened to Julian Simon in 2009 in 125cc in this same scenario, Montmelo, and then won the World.

Seeing what had happened to Alex everyone remembered the case Julian Simon, who went from victory to fourth by one thousandth by shutting off the throttle on the final lap thinking the race was over. Everyone understood him and agreed that it is a very common mistake. The case is, as Aprilia’s explained, the tower of this circuit marks the laps differently from the rest. Normally when there is one lap left in the tower it says l1, however, in Montmeló it is different. Here, on the last lap, it reads l0 while l1 means there are still two more laps to go.

“It was 100% my fault. These errors are unacceptable in this category. The blackboard was very close to the curve and I didn’t have time to see all the information. I saw that I had a 0.6 advantage over Martín because he was pushing hard to secure second place and since I couldn’t see the remaining laps I looked at the tower. I did not remember that here in Barcelona the last lap is zero, I have seen one and I have cut. I was very focused and I didn’t notice the checkered flag or anything. It is a very big mistake. I apologize to the team”, commented the man from Granollers at the end of the race.

Aleix Espargaro He was completely broken when he finished, he cried inconsolably, aware of the mistake he had had. This grand prize was special. His whole family was present at the circuit: the father, the mother, his wife, his two children… They had all come to see him in a year that is being very nice for him since he is in the best moment of his career and fighting for the World.

Fortunately the damage was less than it could have been. It is true that I had the second place assured because he had a great advantage over Jorge Martín, but in the end he only lost nine more points than he was going to lose to Quartararo. The big mistake was in the Aprilia box, which was at the beginning of the pitlane, coming out of the curve, so the pilot didn’t have time to read all the information because they were traveling at high speed.

Sergio García was also wrong

Another case very similar to that of Espargaró is the one that happened to Sergio Garcia Dolspilot of GASGAS Aspar Team of Moto3, in this same grand prix. To Burriana it happened the other way around than to Aleix Espargarowhen he entered the last lap he thought there were two more left and seeing that David Muñoz and Suzuki overtook him, he did not want to return the overtaking thinking that there was still another lap left.

Crossing the checkered flag, he kept pulling thinking it was the last lap, until he realized the mistake when he saw that everyone stopped. The leader of Moto3 World Championship He was second when Muñoz and Suzuki passed him and he fell to fourth position. If he had pushed, he could have recovered at least one place and thus get on the podium.

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