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Your options for getting from bangkok to Phuket include train, bus, plane, taxi and minibus. There is an airport in Phuket, you cat flies. Read on for more information on getting to Phuket from Bangkok. information on how to book train or bus tickets and day trips, hotels in Phuket and activities in this southern part of Thailand.

Bangkok - PhuketJames Bond Island
How to get from Bangkok to Phuket – see James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay.

If you want to book a day trip or tour to Phuket from Bangkok, it’s not really possible. Phuket is far from Bangkok, Thailand.

Phuket’s most popular attractions, Phuket’s beaches and nearby islands, are a great day trip from Bangkok!

Find out here the best way to book a transfer to Phuket from Bangkok, online and in advance.

Bangkok – Phuket

There are several ways to get from Bangkok to Phuket Thailand by road and rail. Phuket is not an isolated island, it is connected to the mainland by road, so you don’t have to go by boat or ferry if you go directly from Bangkok.

Phuket is a city, province and island in southern Thailand. The island of Phuket lies in the Andaman Sea, along the west coast of the Thai peninsula, although Phuket is an island, it is connected to the mainland by a road. The city of Phuket, located on the southeastern part of the island, is the main port and commercial center. Phuket Old Town is the historical part of Phuket Town.

How to get to Phuket from Bangkok

You have a few choices, that’s the information we had a few days ago. Things are changing, you have to check it out. There is a train, a regular bus service, flights, excursions and transfers, buses run on a regular schedule, as well as the option of a metered drive or taxi.

Booking tickets to Phuket from Bangkok

These are the best ways to book travel tickets to Phuket, Thailand:

We highly recommend booking your tickets over 12GB, it’s easy, hassle free, minimal cost and reliable. They also deal with bus ticket bookings and cheaper prices than many agents will give you. We use them, we recommend them.

This page can be used to book all transportation in Thailand and will open on the Bangkok – Phuket page.

If you want to book flights to Phuket from Bangkok, visit Skyscanner and use our tips to find the cheapest days and months to travel.

Train from Bangkok to Phuket

There is no direct train from Bangkok to Phuket. Instead, you’ll need to take a sleeper train to Surat Thani, some 109 miles (175 km) away. There are several ways to travel to Phuket from Surat Thani, including bus and van. The trip from Surat Thani to Phuket will add another 4 hours, but it will only cost you about 10 USD.

Traveling by train to Phuket is really not the best way to travel.

The train to Phuket (Surat Thani) departs from Bang Sue Junction Bangkok or from Hua Lamphong Railway Station. Traveling by train from Bang Sue is usually much cheaper as they are AC 2nd class seat trains rather than sleeper trains.

We had to pay the full price on the train for both children (ages 6 and 9). The train costs between $7 and $40 from Bangkok to Surat Thani.

Bangkok – Phuket by plane

Flying to Phuket is the fastest way to get there and flights are very affordable. Flights take about 1 hour and 25 minutes and depart from BKK Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok.

Phuket Airport is located in the northwest of Phuket Island, not far from the road bridge. (Saraš bridge)

Upon arrival at Phuket airport is a good idea Rent a car and let him wait for you. Phuket traffic can be heavy, but having your own vehicle allows you to explore Phuket at your leisure. Use this car rental comparison tool to find the best deals on vehicles. Alternatively, book a transfer from the airport to your hotel in Phuket.

By taxi from Bangkok to Phuket

It is possible to book a taxi from Bangkok to Phuket and the journey should only take about 9 hours, however a taxi to Phuket will probably cost at least $200. (A plane ticket will cost about $50 each, but a cheap flight can be as little as $30)

Minibuses to Phuket

There are a million travel agencies in the Khao San Rd area that will put you in a passenger minibus, minibus or van to Phuket. Thai vans will take you everywhere from Cambodia to Burma.

As always with minibuses in Thailand, shop around and compare prices, don’t take the first offer if you’re using agencies on the street. Be aware that these drivers drive very fast where they can. You might be able to find a van or minibus to book here.

Train travel – Bangkok to Surat Thani to Phuket

The train from Bangkok to Surat Thani takes about 12 hours on average, and sleeper trains are also available on this route. Sleeper trains tend to be much more expensive (but still very affordable) than 2nd class AC chair trains. This train is usually a little cheaper than flying to Phuket, but then you have to get from Surat Thani to Phuket, which will probably cost you about $10 for a bus or van and take about another 4 hours. Check here for transport options between Surat Thani and Phuket. Surat Thani is also where you get off the train trip to Koh Samui, Ko Pha Ngan and Koh Tao.

How far is Phuket from Bangkok?

Phuket is 428 miles, 690 kilometers as the crow flies from Bangkok. The road distance from Bangkok to Phuket is about 847 km.

How long is the train from Bangkok to Surat Thani to Phuket?

This seems to vary. Some trains are faster than others. Check the schedules, typically between 10am and 1pm. Traveling by road could be a bit faster if the traffic is good.

Arrival in Phuket

How to find the best deals on hotels, guesthouses, hostels or resorts in Phuket

We recommend checking the two booking platforms below to find the best price for your dates.

Agoda are specialists in Asia and often have a larger selection. To get a refund offer, plenty of time in advance (some people book 3 or 4 hotels and confirm closer to the date) usually works best.

Accommodation in Phuket includes guesthouses, hostels, resorts and hotels from budget to luxury. We found that prices in Phuket are high. More expensive than Bangkok. Scroll down for a few recommendations.

Accommodation in Phuket

Accommodation in Phuket is more geared towards the holiday crowd than backpackers, but there are some good hostels and guesthouses in Old Phuket Town, we think this is the most interesting part of Phuket.

Hotels in Phuket

A selection of hotels and resorts in Phuket, with good reviews and recommendations. We checked Trip Advisor ratings at the time of publication, they may have changed.

What to do in and around Phuket

You’ll find many natural attractions and things to see and do in the Phuket area, including many boat trips to nearby islands.

The following things to do and see are in Phuket or nearby Thailand.

  • Phuket is known for its popular beaches and water activities,
  • Visit Phi Phi Island and Maya Bay from Phuket (Beach)
  • Visit James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay
  • See the Big Buddha in Phuket, a huge white Buddha,
  • See Wat Chalong,
  • Visit Coral Island,
  • Lagoon Phuket Triathlon,
  • White water rafting,
  • elephant attractions,
  • monkey cave,
  • Zip lining
  • Phuket Old Town,
  • River rafting,
  • Thai cooking courses.
  • Night markets

Our favorite thing to do in Phuket, just relax!

Bangkok – Phuket – conclusion

Flying is the fastest way to get to Phuket from Bangkok, but if you have time and want to see a bit more of Thailand, the train/sleeper bus combo costs about the same. Surat Thani is a nice place, we stayed there for a few days. Surat Thani is also a convenient junction for many destinations including neighboring Malaysia. Surat Thani has an airport so you can fly to or from Surat Thani and not need to take the sleeper train twice.

We love Bangkok and Thailand, Phuket is a very popular holiday destination but not as rich in things to do as other parts of Thailand. It is also generally more expensive. We recommend that you really experience Thailand north and less touristic places.

It pays to travel from Bangkok to spend a few days checking out Phuket or relaxing at your resort or beach. Although Phuket is popular, it wouldn’t make our list of must-see places in Thailand, but it’s an interesting experience to visit. If you want more information about traveling in Thailand, don’t miss our main one Thailand travel blog site, has a lot of information for singles, couples or families going on any kind of trip to Thailand.

If you want to rent a car during your stay, use this car rental comparison tool to find the best deal!

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