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Bangkok – "VIP massage" & "POSEIDON"

Bangkok – "VIP massage" & "POSEIDON"

▼Night Walker 24

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  1. **I'm hitting Thailand May 3rd '22…6 days from now!** I'm going straight to Pattaya from the airport…but…coming home I'll spend 2 days in BKK and will hit these places for sure! Were these on soi 22 by chance?

  2. Wow I went here when I was in Bangkok and had the girl on the very left at 8:51

    She was great

  3. In Germany the red light district was called the stairs the first floor had the expensive hot ones and every floor you went up the girls got cheaper and less attractive . Old rich guys who wanted a hooker would not want to climb 5 flights of stairs to get to the cheap ugly ones. But younger men with less money would be ok with it.

  4. ร้านหรูแต่พนักงานดูเกรดคาราโอเกะมาก คนแก่เยอะเกิน

  5. Good information but lose that background music. 😖 I'd rather hear the sounds of the city.

  6. คิดราคาแต่ละคนหรอครับเป็นคื่อยังงีเท่าไรนะ

  7. ราคา 6200 /น้ำแตก1ที กูชักว่าวอยู่บ้านดีกว่า

  8. I never been Thailand before & in California where from I'm no doubt won't find a place like this.

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