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Barça pays tribute to its futsal heroes, with Laporta in the family photo

Barça pays tribute to its futsal heroes, with Laporta in the family photo

Futsal joined the commemorative events for the 50th anniversary of the Palau Blaugrana with an exhibition at the height of the event. Before 3,257 spectators and with the presence of the president Joan Laporta in the box and in the final family photo that, on the parquet, brought together the members of the current squad of the FC Barcelona with the legends that made this section great, the squad of Jesus Velasco ended up going over one of the best teams in the League, the Vineyard Albali Valdepenas. The champion of the regular phase took the game as an excellent test for the upcoming playoffs and, after a somewhat cold start, he responded to ‘the magic’ that was in the motto of the event. The doublets of Dyego, Ferrao, Lozano and the final goal of Povill they left in anecdote the targets of lemon Y Rafa Rat.

Laporta, with today's and yesterday's futsal cracks

Laporta, with today’s and yesterday’s futsal cracks

Pere Punti

Probably stunned by the initial celebrations that the Palau experienced, with speaker, video, freestyle and light show included, Barça was initially surprised by Valdepeñas. An early goal by Lemine after a shot at the post by former culé Bateria woke up Barça, who turned that 0-1 upside down thanks to the aim of Dyego and Ferrao. With 2-1, the break was reached, an intermission that was used to lay out a red carpet that received the intergenerational myths of futsal, among many others, Marc Carmona, Xavi Llorens, Paco Sedano, Jordi Torras, Lincoln, Fernandao. The applause of the Palau and a first family photo gave way to the second half.

Rafa Rat, ex Inter, played the role of ‘entertainer’ there by signing the momentary 2-2 and celebrating it with special effusiveness. Barça put on the champion’s suit again and with goals from Dyego, from a direct free kick, Lozano, twice, and again Ferrao, ‘Pichichi’ of the League, anticipate an end to the party to which Povill joined, thanking a gift from Óscar ede la Faya.

After the game, Laporta stepped onto the parquet to greet today’s and yesterday’s futsal cracks and pose for a photo for posterity.

Barca: Feixas, Ortiz, Lozano, Esquerdinha, Pito -initial five- A. Lluch (l.), Adolfo, Dyego, Matheus, Ferrao, Povill.
Albali Vineyard: Óscar de la Faya, Sergio G., Geraghty, Lemine, Bateria -initial five- Gabriel Ribeiro, Rafa Rato, Ivi, Nano, Salido, Alberto.
​Goals: 0-1, Lemine (2′); 1-1, Dyego (5′); 2-1, Ferrao (9′): 2-2, Rafa Rato (26′); 3-2, Dyego (28′); 4-2, Lozano (31′); 5-2, Ferrao (33′); 6-2, Lozano (33′); 7-2, Povill (35′).
Spectators: 3,257 at the Palau
Referees: Thin Tailor and Gabaldon Rico. They booked Rafa Rato (31′), Coelho (32′)

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