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Barcelona evicted the neighbor of the Bon Pastor for the fraudulent use of the apartment – Economy

Barcelona evicted the neighbor of the Bon Pastor for the fraudulent use of the apartment – Economy

The Barcelona City Council evicted the neighbor of the Bon Pastor who committed suicide yesterday because he was making “fraudulent use” of the public housing in which he lived, by renting rooms to third parties, the consistory has assured today.

The man committed suicide yesterday by throwing himself off the balcony in front of the workers who were executing the eviction of the municipal house where he lived, on Sèquia Madriguera street in the Bon Pastor neighborhood of Barcelona.

In statements to journalists, the Councilor for Housing and Rehabilitation of the Barcelona City Council, Lucía Martín, has insisted that the eviction was not due to non-payment, but due to the fraudulent use of the home, which since 2019 has caused inconvenience to the neighbors, who They complained of noise and fights linked to the constant entry and exit of people from the building.

Visibly affected by the event, Martín has assured that at all times the social services offered aid and residential alternatives to the man, but that he rejected them all and repeatedly shied away from municipal monitoring.

Likewise, he has stated that the consistory will review the action protocols in these cases: “We cannot not review what to do in such complex situations and with such difficulty of linking as the one in which we have found ourselves.”

As explained by the councilor, the owner of the apartment was the deceased mother of the man, who had a life contract for which he paid a rent of about 94 euros per month, and that since his death, in 2018, the non-payment of the rental.

At the beginning of 2019, the municipal services sent a formal request to the man requesting information to evaluate his situation.

In the same period, the administration of estates transferred the neighbors’ complaints due to “inconvenience, noise and fights linked to the entry and exit of many people”, protests that raised suspicions of a possible fraudulent use of the property.

Later, in the fall of 2019, a visit to the property was carried out, in which the man denied access to two of the rooms to the mediators who were doing the inspection, corroborating suspicions about the possible fraudulent use of the apartment.

For this reason, Martín has justified, in February 2020, the Municipal Housing Institute filed the eviction petition with the courts.

Likewise, in October 2020, the council confirmed the fraudulent use of the municipal flat upon receiving the testimony of a person who went to a housing office explaining that she was living in a sublet in one of the rooms of the building and that she had been kicked out “of one day to another.”

With the judicial process underway, the first date to carry out the eviction was finally set for May 12.

However, the councilor explained, given the situation of “tension” found by the delegation that was going to carry out the eviction, the launch was postponed, agreeing on a handover of keys for May 30.

Martín has stressed that, during this period of time between the first date of eviction and the second, social services continued to try, without success, to contact and help the man.

According to the councilor’s account, when the judicial procession arrived at the apartment yesterday they found no one, something usual when a handover of keys has been agreed, so the launch was proceeded.

When the entourage had already left the place and the workers were finishing the work to change the door and the locks, it was when the man arrived, entered the house and committed suicide by throwing himself off the balcony.

Martín has emphasized that evictions in municipal housing are “absolutely exceptional” events and that in no case are they caused by non-payment, since the objective of these flats is to guarantee and protect the right to housing.

“Faced with situations with anomalous and fraudulent uses, where there are neighborhood complaints, (…) what we cannot allow is that the coexistence on the farm is degraded and that the home continues to be misused repeatedly,” he said. added Marín, reiterating that in all cases of evictions in municipal housing, aid and alternatives are offered to tenants.

The councilor explained that the council manages a public park of some 11,000 homes and that in 2021 there were 15 evictions and 985 mediations.

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