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Beautiful Mallorca (Balearic Islands) AERIAL DRONE 4K VIDEO

Beautiful Mallorca (Balearic Islands) AERIAL DRONE 4K VIDEO

I´am Stefan.
My passion is to collect as many as possible great moments in life. Some of them you will find here.
I love to travel, meet people from all around the world and explore our world with its fascinating places.

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  1. Lloc, Municipi
    Lugar, Municipio
    Place, Municipality
    Platzieren, Gemeinde

    0:00 Sa forada, Deià
    0:32 Cap de Formentor, Pollença
    0:56 Puig de Sant Salvador, Felanitx
    1:17 Portocolom, Felanitx
    1:26 Cala Romàntica, Manacor
    1:50 Punta de Capdepera, Capdepera
    1:57 Banyalbufar, Banyalbufar
    2:05 Punta de Capdepera, Capdepera
    2:20 Puig de Sant Salvador, Felanitx
    2:29 Banyalbufar, Banyalbufar
    2:44 Cala del Mago, Calvià
    3:11 Torrent de Pareis, Escorca
    3:22 Port de Sóller, Sóller
    3:45 Portocolom, Felanitx
    4:25 Puig de Sant Salvador, Felanitx
    4:48 Sud d'Ariany, Ariany
    5:09 Platja d'es Coll Baix, Alcúdia
    5:20 Santuari de Sant Salvador, Artà
    5:34 Cap de Formentor, Pollença
    5:52 Es Colomer, Pollença
    6:07 Valldemossa, Valldemossa
    6:13 Cala Agulla, Capdepera
    6:20 Cala Morlanda, Manacor
    6:27 Cap de Formentor, Pollença

    Disfrutau molt, Visca Mallorca 🙂

  2. Wo ist denn mein Stefan😿!? Du hast meinen Usedom Film gesehen und bewertet als ich den alten Kanal noch hatte😻❤️Bitte melde Dich mein Freund❤️!

  3. Hi Stefan,
    Really impressed with your beautiful Arial photography, could you tell me what drone you have used for this video ?

  4. Mallorca es la isla del ruido. Ruidos por todo. Ruido de autopistas, de
    borrachos, de niñatos españoles asalvajados, de alemanes berreando, de
    obras a cualquier hora, de música a cualquier hora. Esta isla es un
    desprecio constante a la dignidad de vida humana.

  5. 5:55
    do anybody know what that is ? I wanna visit this place on mallorca and I dont know what that is…

  6. Es wäre super gewesen, wenn man eingeblendet hätte wo die verschiedenen Orte sind

  7. Hi,

    I'm Jay, a supporting actor for Mnet's program in Korea.

    Our program is a talk show about Celebrity, and there is a story about travel episode.

    While I was looking for the data, I saw your video.

    I sent you a mail because I really wanted to use it in the program because it was a great video. 🙂

    I'm going to write the source in the using video section of the data source on the broadcast and I'd like to ask if it's possible to use it.

    I'd appreciate it if you could answer!

    Thank you.


  8. Very nice video! Did you use polarized filter?

  9. Been to Mallorca many times. Stunning. Can only dream of how beautiful it must have been before the tourists.

  10. Soon you'll know what the magical Mallorca really is."The truth will set you free"so you can imagine what they didnt teach you in school.We are in the Age of Aquarius which is when the truth would be revealed.Rejoice humanity.Mallorca is treasure island(the Holy Grail)

  11. Hi Estefan, is there any possibility that I can use some of your video for a video of mine?

  12. I looked at this 2018 in Febuari 4 moths before i did go there. This brings so many memories! 🥰😍
    i did go there june of 2018
    im crying soo many memories i love this!

  13. Das beste video was ich bisher gesehen habe 😍😭

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