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Beautiful Russian Women of Pattaya Thailand

Beautiful Russian Women of Pattaya Thailand

Scenes of the Russian women in Pattaya Thailand



  1. triste et pénible travail : faire le pied de grue en s'emmerdant ferme n'est pas une vie : contrainte par la misère

  2. They look bored out of their minds. I'm sure these ladies will age well just like all Russian women. Right? Am I right?

  3. Too many Caltain SAVE-A-HOE comments. Who cares if she's sad? You're not there to save them. Just to have a good night

  4. These women are all owned and trafficked …….. just like most in Thailand and Southeast Asia …….

  5. Always got to change do other things. You see that eye thing on ordinarily holiday resorts. Everywhere

  6. How much do they want?

  7. Dictator putin instead of building his home country and pulling the people out of the people he is busy on invading other countries look the russian girls working as prostitutes far from home😣

  8. Very sad to see these women working as prostitutes far away from home…….Who send them in thailand ? Some mafia I think…..

  9. Wait till they turn 40 years old. It will look like a fat cow.

  10. These girls are not whoring (not sure if you can negotiate once finished work) they are just there to attract guys into the bar. Then the Russian guys will extort you once inside 🙂 Don't go in…..trust me, you will regret it.

  11. They are pretty and broken inside. The world is a cruel place. They don’t have my sympathy, I have seen what a woman can do to a man, I went through my divorce 2 years back, it changed me forever.

  12. Thay are want money, rich,comfortable,happy/ freedom, freeland ,free place

  13. Besides the Russian strippers many other club girls from different Countries Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan .. they all speaks Russian .

  14. Those women eyes say it all – sex trafficked. If they don’t bring in the money they get beaten and torture by their sex trafficker-pimp.

  15. Wow. I was there as a young Marine in 88-89. Had a great time too. Even now as an old fart, I'd still have a smash fest. Mainly with the Russian chicks.

  16. You can see the dissociation in their eyes – like fleshdolls, from any sci-fi anime from the 90's.
    It's equally fascinating and disturbing.

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