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Best Marmaris Beach Turkey Walk 4K

Best Marmaris Beach Turkey Walk 4K

Best Marmaris Beach Turkey Walking Tour 4K

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  1. Türkiye'de harika bir yürüyüş için teşekkürler👍❤❤
    İspanya'dan selamlar 👋😃👍🇪🇦

  2. I thought that just like your body needs nutrition, your soul needs nutrition.

  3. you're my burgundy-scented poem that I wrote on magenta nights.

  4. to find the right wo-man..
    I think it's like being able to cross a sea 🚀 of flames with a boat made of wax.
    I managed 🌋to get to you from Istanbul without burning.🔥
    we are like birds 🦁 with broken arms and wings in separate lands,
    now we need happiness in the SAME DREAMS👯‍♀️

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