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BEST SAIL of the season – sailing BALEARIC Islands Menorca to Mallorca – BOAT LIFE sailing couple

BEST SAIL of the season – sailing BALEARIC Islands Menorca to Mallorca – BOAT LIFE sailing couple

REAL LIFE UPDATE! This weeks extra: a slow-ish TV of our crossing 2 days ago. We are currently sailing the balearic islands and cross from Menorca to Mallorca. It might just be the best sail of the season 😉 Join us today! It might just be the best sail of the season !

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*Who are we?*
We are a European couple from Germany (Alex) and the Netherlands (Mandy), sailing around the Med on our 36ft sailboat. Six months ago we started our journey in Greece with little sailing experience, figuring things out as we go, not really knowing what we’re doing. Our goal is to circumnavigate the world via the wind, always being surrounded by the ocean. Sailboat life is super different from land life and can be pretty rough at times. see the little things is the documentary of our endeavour of simplifying life, decelerating pace, and practicing mindfulness. Follow our adventures when you are curious to see how we mess up and fix it up again! We are currently still sailing Greece, but will head over to Italy and beyond soon.

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Lottalove Alex & Mandy



  1. You two are doing Fanfuckingtastic!!! Love your Videos and adventures. The mesh was pretty good. Had a fun edit to it with the music. Spot on guys!

  2. Cheers! love the slow-ish vids!!! We are set for sailing on Saturday, hoping not the last one before the cold.

  3. Weer een geweldige video. Hopelijk kunnen we straks ook zo’n zeiltocht maken. Cooooll😃

  4. What a gorgeous video! Thank you for sharing your lives with us! Maybe we will share an anchorage someday!

  5. Great job you guys I wish I was there

  6. Mandy is a confidant sailor with good wheel skills.calm soothing voice as well.great shots of the lightning.enjoy the journey.

  7. I'm going to enjoy watching this channel grow. The editing, music and sarcastic humor is great!!

  8. Lightning strike is not something any sailor needs,A stern anchor is a great idea in certain circumstances 👍
    Best wishes🙂

  9. What a great sail! The varnish on our cockpit table is flaking off just like yours. I've got here in my office with me, trying to decide on how to refinish it or to just replace it. So jealous of that water, incredibly clear. Another great video!!!

  10. Just a tip snubber should be hooked up on chain off the bow roller to keep lode off the roller

  11. Loving your video, following your path to Balearics and Italy next year on route to Greece. Keep them coming ! How often do you find an entire anchorage to yourselves over there?

  12. I was in Ciutadella first week of Oct … were you there too!? Keith

  13. Enjoying just found you keep learning you never stop from one sailor to another just keep learning and doing what you do great camera work enjoy the sailing slow

  14. Congratulations! Thank you for keeping it real and with no dramas! Nowadays its a bit hard to find a sailing channel that simply shows daily life on board without trying to make it look more or less than it actually is. thanks!

  15. Can't express how calming and amazing this video is. I've left comments on how enjoyable your other videos are but this takes the cake 🍰. It takes you to another place.

  16. I see you are using a lightning tracker which is great if it shows you lightning in close to real time. But it will be difficult to see a trend. You would be better off using a Doppler radar app like MyRadar which now works in the EU as well and although it is delayed by as long as 30 minutes in the EU at least it will give you a very good idea of where the storm and rain is heading towards. If you watch some of my aviation videos I do talk about that quite a bit and would be glad to tell you more on how to interpret Doppler. Love your videos!

  17. I notice Alex had a fair old bandage on his left hand – nothing too serious? Vision of sea and lightning really great!!

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