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Bloxburg Dubai Hotel Tour || Exotic

Bloxburg Dubai Hotel Tour || Exotic

Thank you guys for all the support on this build. I can’t wait to make more builds for you guys in the future.

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  1. I would have needed therapy after making this…

  2. You can make just one building just like this Dubai building plz,my nickname: Gabrielakawai6363 I have 80k of money

  3. How did u make that

  4. Will putting the pool indoor make it nicer? Also are there outdoor swimming pools in Dubai cuz it’s so dam hot?

  5. I am so confused on how he did this? How can you even make the black lines on the walls?

  6. Can you do a tutorial? it is so beautiful

  7. I just wanted to watch this amazing build cause i coant definitely afford this but this is a masterpiece

  8. How-
    I’m speechless-
    Best build ever?-

  9. Wow :0 how do u do the dubai building tho? (The outside

  10. Dang, I can’t even afford to go to a hotel like this irl lol 😭💀💀😂

  11. Hello can you build me this build I love it so much

  12. What would u think on how much the exterior costs?

  13. How is that so good? THe layout is even so detailed! Thank you for recording how to do this @Exotic

  14. I am from Dubai and u built EXACTLY THE SAME ur so good at building WOW he/she deserves a subscribe and like

  15. can i have ur username? i rlly want to buy room at this hotel

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