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Booking.com Review Best Alternatives to Booking.com

Booking.com Review Best Alternatives to Booking.com

Best Alternatives to booking.com

You have decided to go on vacation and you are looking for the best accommodation for your stay? During your research, you will surely be redirected to booking.com!
But it is not the only site for vacation bookings, there are many alternatives like cozycozy.comAccor or even Expedia which will allow you to find your ideal accommodation.

  1. Cozycozy.com, the powerful comparator
  2. Accor
  3. Expedia
  4. Hotels.com, the direct competitor
  5. Agoda
  6. Hilton, for a luxury stay
  7. TripAdvisor, the review site par excellence

booking.com, but not only…

booking.com is a Dutch site that offers hotel rentalsof tourist lodges and D’apartments and which occupies an important place in the accommodation rental market.

However, there are sites like cozycozy.com which will allow you to save time by bringing together all housing solutions in one click. We offer you our selection sites to find perfect accommodation.

1. Cozycozy.com, the powerful comparator

Cozycozy.comit is a comparator which selects the best vacation accommodations from a wide selection online. Thanks to our platform you can choose your destination and find a rental at the best price. The advantage of Cozycozy is that you can compare the prices of booking.com with those of their competitors like Airbnb !

2. Accor

Accor is the leading hotel group in Europe with a presence in 100 countries and a number of 5,100 hotels. You can have reductions at certain times exclusively on the app ALL. Accor you best price guaranteedif you find cheaper elsewhere, you will benefit from a reduction of 25%.


Expedia offers a wide selection of services. This site can satisfy individuals who wish to organize their holidays and also professionals. You can enjoy many promo codes and good parts throughout the year on the site ofExpedia and so save for your stay.
To book your accommodation, go to the category “stays” on the site and it will offer you accommodation according to your criteria at the best price. It stands out from its competitors by respecting the choice of the traveler thanks to the clarity of tariffs and taxes.

4. Hotels.com, the direct competitor

Hotels.com is the direct competitor of booking.com. It also offers a very large choice of hotels with very similar prices. But he stands out with his notice which are specific to each site and on some hotels which can be listed on Hotels.com and not on booking.com. If you want to win free nights fastjoin the loyalty program from Hotels.com.


Agoda is another option to booking.com if you want to book accommodation. The price can be more advantageous . If you plan to go on vacation in Asia, Agoda offers a large choice of hotels not listed on booking.com.

6. Hilton Hotels, a luxury stay

hilton is a large luxury hotel group present in 85 countries with 4,278 establishments. Take advantage of the loyalty program Hilton Honors which allows you to accumulate points when you stay in establishments of the group, so you can have exclusive benefits as free nights.

7. TripAdvisor, the review site par excellence

TripAdvisor is not really an accommodation booking site but rather a traveler review site. This is indeed the site hotel reviews the best known which allows you to know the opinions of travelers on an accommodation after their stay. But TripAdvisor offers links to make reservations in travel agencies and sometimes even on its site. It also compares prices on different hotel sites based on your availability.

Today, there are a multitude of sites that offer accommodation reservations, which is why we advise you cozycozy.com which compares accommodations (including Airbnbs) to find you the best deals.

For the travelers looking for adventurefind the best unusual accommodation in Amsterdam.
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