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Booking.com Review Booking.com Hotels in France to book: review, account, cancellation

Booking.com Review Booking.com Hotels in France to book: review, account, cancellation

booking.com Hotels in France to book: review, account, cancellation

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booking.com is the hotel booking site and hosting the most used in the world. With booking, it has clearly become easier for travelers to find and compare offers that meet their needs. What are the strengths of this site? Can we trust him? The answers to these questions, in the following lines.

What is booking.com?

booking-fr” target=”_blank” linktype=”url”>booking.com is a platform for booking hotels or accommodation of all kinds, not only in France but all over the world. This accommodation booking platform is available in 43 languages. booking works in partnership with more than 500,000 hotel establishments around the world. You will find no less than 28 million accommodations, which are divided into apartments, hotel rooms, houses and single accommodations.

On booking.com, you can easily find the accommodation or stays that meet your needs, and you can directly make the reservation without being redirected to the advertiser’s site. The site is free for any traveler wishing to use its services, it is the hotels that pay for this service by paying them a commission.

Book a hotel on booking.com

The operation of booking.com is simple to look for a hotel for a personal stay or a business trip, it is enough simply to fill in the information requested on the home page, namely the destination, the dates of arrival and departure , and the number of people involved in the trip. You validate everything and a list of suggestions is offered to you.

Note that as on most online booking sites, you can use filters to directly access the offers that suit you:

  • filter the proposals by price of accommodation per night,

  • filter the proposals by type of pension,

  • filter the proposals according to the classification of the hotel: 3 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars, etc.

  • filter the proposals according to the distance of the establishment from the city center, etc.

To be able to make the reservation, all you have to do is select the accommodation that suits you best and then create an account.

booking-fr” target=”_blank” linktype=”url”>Website <a href=booking.com France” src=”https://a.storyblok.com/f/66032/1200×997/cb5a624493/site-booking-com-france.jpg” title=””/>

==> booking-fr” target=”_blank” linktype=”url”>Go to booking.com

booking.com France

booking.com is well established in France with hotels and accommodation throughout the country, whether in town, on the coast, in the countryside or in the mountains. The French version of booking.com is accessible at booking-fr” target=”_blank” linktype=”url”>https://www.booking.com/index.fr.html. A wide variety of accommodation awaits you on the site: apartments, hostels, youth hostels, motels, ryokans, hotel complexes, bed and breakfasts, villas, guest houses, campsites, holiday villages, lodges, luxury tents, chalets, riads, cottages, budget Japanese hotels, hotels & spas and lodges. There are even proposals for stays in France at the farm and stays in France at home. Lovers of original stays such as hotel boats and Tiny houses will also find what they are looking for.

booking promo codes are available all year round on the site, section “Travel Offer” with currently at least “15% reduction on all stays”.

On booking.com France, you will also find other services such as flight, car rental and taxi reservation. In addition to the hotel reservation service, booking.com offers a flight comparator. With the information you communicate to him, he will provide you with the list of airlines that have a flight that meets your criteria on the date scheduled for your departure. It’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs. The same goes for car rental and taxi booking services, as airport-hotel transfer fees are not always included in the basic hotel rates.

My booking.com account

To access his booking-fr” target=”_blank” linktype=”url”>booking.com accountall you have to do is create an account with your email address or log in using your Google, Facebook or Apple account.

On booking.com, the “My account” section allows you to consult all your future and past reservations, it also allows you to find out more about the booking.com loyalty program, and all the advantages you can obtain by making reservations. You will find in your booking.com account, the hotels that you have put in favourites, the comments that you have left on the different establishments, the help of the customer service, the parameters of your account, the access to the community of travelers. .. “booking.com My account” allows you to know everything about your reservations and offers, about the questions you ask yourself, it is the interface for connecting to the platform.

Payment and cancellation on booking.com

booking a stay via booking.com requires the payment of a deposit or the payment of a prepayment. The customer pays this sum directly to the hotel or to booking.com and this on a predefined date. Credit cards are accepted for online payments as well as online payment services like Alipay, Paypal and WeChat Pay. If no money reaches booking.com or the hotel establishment by the payment deadline, the reservation will not be effective. Be aware that whatever the amount already paid by the customer as a deposit or prepayment, it will be mentioned on his reservation. The prepayment is not a deposit.

Regarding the cancellation of a reservation, the hotel is entitled to request the cancellation of a reservation made on booking.com by providing justified explanations such as non-payment of the deposit. For the case of the traveler, each offer is different. Cancellation can be free or chargeable. With some hotels, you pay the full amount of the stay if you cancel the reservation less than 7 days before the arrival date. For some offers, you can cancel the reservation free of charge until 6 p.m. on the day of arrival. If you exceed this time, overnight charges are required. This is why it is important to carefully read all the information communicated on the stay and the cancellation fees before validating the reservation. People do not systematically take the time to read everything, whereas the essential information on the product is generally communicated below the offer.

Contact booking.com

The booking.com site is a site of Dutch origin, with the company’s headquarters in Amsterdam. booking.com customer service can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 00 44 20 3320 2609. To contact customer service via the platform, go to it and click on the “contact us” option. Note that the box has offices in some of its countries of establishment. The list is available on the booking-fr” target=”_blank” linktype=”url”>official site.

booking.com Reviews

Here are some reviews on booking, many travelers are satisfied with the service.

I’ve never had a problem with reservations in my years of traveling and booking with them.” Jonathan F. 3 days ago

Always works instantly for worldwide hotel booking. Prices are lower than what you can find elsewhere – including directly at the hotel (usually). Just be careful with prepaid reservations and conditions or you can get caught, but in general booking.com is a great service!« Nick M. 5 days ago

The site is user-friendly. Quick and easy, it offers a good description of the location, it allows to write particular notes. The owner responds in a short time so that you ensure that everything necessary has been transmitted.” Monica M. 9 days ago

I’ve been booking through booking.com for years and never had a problem. Even recently, with the pandemic, reimbursement has not been a problem. I also got an awesome discount on some hotels which is great” RR 12 days ago

booking.com refunded me almost immediately for a cancellation, and I’m amazed that every time I’ve dealt with them they provide excellent service, it’s a shame others don’t have this quality , booking .com fulfills each of their obligations to me”. Robin J. 15 days ago

I trust booking.com. Of all the companies I have used, this is the one I trust and is now the first place I go. The app is simple and easy to use. All difficulties are resolved quickly. Prices are good.” Tariq K. 20 days ago

==> booking-fr” target=”_blank” linktype=”url”>Visit booking.com

How to register a hotel on booking?

For a hotel establishment, it is enough to register on the online booking platform, present the hotel in the best possible way and add some great photos on the ad. A commission of 15 to 30% on each sale is collected by booking.com. There is no additional cost claimed by this one. To remain clearly visible on the site, the advertiser must strictly follow the conditions imposed there, such as displaying the same price both on the platform and on the advertiser’s official site. It should be noted that a ranking of travel and holiday providers is regularly updated on booking.com. This ranking changes according to several criteria including the search history of site users, the number of clicks and the number of reservations made for each travel offer.

==> booking-fr” target=”_blank” linktype=”url”>See booking.com

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