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Booking.com Review ratings and comments on Booking

ratings and comments on booking

With its thousands of users for more than 20 years, booking has established itself as the essential booking platform. Many vacationers trust it to book their accommodation throughout the year. Discover the opinions of booking users to get an idea of ​​the quality of their services.

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booking.jpg” alt=”A couple on vacation happy with their reservation made on booking.com”/>

An easy-to-use booking platform

booking is a booking platform intuitive easy to use for your travels. Emily use it regularly for its ease:

I love this site, there is a wide choice of stays and for all prices. […] Research is easy, there are many photos for each establishment. […] I recommend !!(source: Igraal)

booking-utilisation-facile.jpg” alt=”Different Deals highlighted on booking.com and viewed on a laptop.” class=”aligncenter size-full”/>

Iza-Liza also joined him on this point with a little attention for the customer service :

In 3 words: fast, clear, and simple. Only positive about this merchant. Excellent customer service, fast and efficient. […] (source: Igraal)

Comfortable accommodation for your holidays

booking strives to offer you a wide range of accommodation between the hotel complexesthem Youth hostelsthem apartments and the guest houses. Enjoy their comfort and services during your vacation.

Accommodations as described

Sandrine stayed in a very nice hotel booked via the booking platform:

Apartment very well located facing the sea, very clean, completely renovated, functional, nothing is really missing. […] (source: Trustpilot)

booking-hotel-istanbul-conforme-vue.jpg” alt=”View of the Bosphorus from a hotel in Istanbul as described on booking.com” class=”aligncenter size-full”/>

Abdul speaks highly of his accommodation at Istanbul :

[…] The staff very welcoming, helpful the hotel very clean and very well located.[…] (source: Trustpilot)

Chahnaze even stayed in a Renovated and new apartment in 2021:

Renovated apartment, very clean, Well located, Very comfortable bedding […] (source: Trustpilot)

Promotions to leave at a low price

booking offers you exceptional reductions throughout the year in the various establishments in its catalog with the use of a booking“>booking promo code use before checking out. With the Genius loyalty program, customers can get extra discounts and are delighted. Prices are often cheaper on booking than on another hotel booking site.

Reservation of services during your stay

Did you know that booking offers you book additional services for your stay? Discover his service car rental and of airline ticket booking.

pascal has booked his taxi during his vacation for greater peace of mind:

Taxi Frédéric for transport from Gare de Lyon to Gare du Nord. Punctual, efficient, very professional.(source: Trustpilot)

booking-reserver-taxi.jpg” alt=”A traveler in a taxi booked on booking.com” class=”aligncenter size-full”/>

Pruvost recommended also their new services for your various journeys:

[…] You can now supplement with additional services such as booking a taxi to get from the airport to the hotel, which is very useful in some countries where you are landing for the first time. […] (source: Trustpilot)

Some even reserve their plane ticket :

[…] I make almost all my hotel reservations and airline tickets on this site. I never had the slightest problem.(source: Trustpilot)

booking-reserver-billet-avion.jpg” alt=”Plane tickets booked online.” class=”aligncenter size-full”/>

However, take a good look at the booking dates of your activities to avoid disappointments such as CC :

[…] I reserve two tickets and there surprise, the tickets are reserved for the same day without possible cancellation. […] (source: Trustpilot)

A good refund policy

booking presents a favorable refund policy and fast for its users.

A quick refund

Akima benefited from a quick refund following a cancellation due to sanitary conditions.

[…] So I called booking and got Jonathan L. who was absolutely charming and efficient. He sent a request for cancellation free of charge to the hotelier and in 10 minutes I had the good surprise of a cancellation free of charge.(source: Trustpilot)

booking also helps you get a refund as found Anthony after a canceled reservation in Salou:

[…] We canceled our stay because of the health crisis, the stay was paid in full, the hotel did not reimburse us, but booking did.(source: Trustpilot)

booking-politique-remboursement.jpg” alt=”A refund policy that brings joy to a senior couple” class=”aligncenter size-full”/>

Philip also thanks booking for its reimbursement:

I booked with booking, I canceled the trip yesterday afternoon, I have already been reimbursed in full today. Thank you for the speed of reimbursement and the explanation by email received upon my cancellation.(source: Trustpilot)

However, take a good look at the cancellation and refund conditions to avoid surprises like Sophia:

The customer must know that in the event of cancellation due to illness, he will not be able to claim any refund. […] (source: Trustpilot)

Customer service available

the customer service is yours available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to answer your questions. The various booking reviews confirm this.

Liciardi heaps praise on the booking platform contacts :

The customer service (via chat) is great! They managed to get us a refund following a bankrupt accommodation.(source: Trustpilot)

Nico also succeeded in easily reach customer service :

[…] The few times we had a problem, the advisors on the booking chat were always very responsive and always very well supported.(source: Trustpilot)

booking-service-client.jpg” alt=”Available and friendly customer service.” class=”aligncenter size-full”/>

Ismene also does the customer service praise :

The customer service is truly exceptional. I have never seen such quality and God how good it feels to be so respected.[…] (source: Trustpilot)

However, the transmission of information does not necessarily take placeas can be seen Marcus :

Many choices, but does not transmit the messages (mails) that you send to establishments through booking. […](source: Trustpilot)

We close these different booking opinions with commentary from Yohanna :

[…] User of booking for 6 years I can not do without this site. Easy to use, real opinions (do you still have to read them!! And don’t stop at the note) and above all clear and so useful cancellation conditions!! […](source: Trustpilot)

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