Boston, MA to New York City, NY Train: Tickets from US$62 with Amtrak, Amtrak


To travel by train

Practical tips for traveling by train

There are many train stations around the world. To find your way around, consult the pages dedicated to each station on Busbud in order to obtain all the information you need.

Whether you take a regional or high-speed train to New York City, the planet will thank you. You are thus helping to protect the landscapes that you will have the chance to admire during your trip.

With CO2n emissions 30 times lower than the plane and the car, the train is the ecological alternative of choice for your trip between Boston and New York City.

Let yourself be transported by your favorite playlist while admiring the panoramas that pass during your journey by bus from Boston to New York City.

Did you know ?

Japanese trains are always on time and rush hour breakdowns are extremely rare. In the event of a delay of more than five minutes, the flight attendants will personally apologize to each passenger.

In Sweden, some trains can recover more than a fifth of the energy they consume… by braking. This is especially the case for the iron ore convoys going down from Narvik to Kiruna.

The longest train journey in the world connects Europe to Asia. Twelve days and more than 17,000 km covered: the train departs from Porto, Portugal and crosses all of Europe before reaching Hanoi, Vietnam.


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