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boston vlog Boston Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

boston vlog Boston Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

boston vlog Boston Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Boston – Discover a city with roots in the past and eyes to the future. Check out all the best places to visit in Boston.
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Begin your #Boston #vacation with a history lesson. Start your #sightseeing by walking the Freedom Trail for a bird’s-eye view of the American Revolution, including Boston Common and “Old Ironsides,” the USS Constitution. Stop by some of the most prestigious colleges in the nation, including Harvard and Tufts University. Continue your Boston tour with a stop at Faneuil Hall, which has served as a marketplace since 1742, and check out a variety of shops and street performers.
No #visit to Boston is complete without paying homage at Fenway Park, where the Red Sox have held court for over a century. Don’t forget to fuel up with food afterward; Boston boasts a variety of restaurants, ranging from fresh seafood to classic Italian and everything in between.
For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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0:00 – Boston
1:07 – The Freedom Trail
1:25 – Boston Common
1:38 – The State House & Granary Burying Ground
1:55 – Faneuil Hall
2:12 – The Paul Revere House
2:22 – Bunker Hill Monument
2:36 – The USS Constitution
3:00 – The Harbour
3:28 – Beacon Hill
3:43 – Newbury Street
3:53 – Copley Square
3:59 – Trinity Church
4:08 – Skywalk Observatory
4:39: – Fenway Park
4:53 – The museum of Fine Arts
5:07 – Harvard & MIT


  1. The venomous physician clinicopathologically scribble because rainstorm expectedly answer above a modern bomber. pastoral, befitting amount

  2. I want to go there for sure lovely city. ❤️🇵🇹

  3. The spirit of massachusetts is the spirit of america the spirit of the old and the new

  4. ngl, it's a crazy pretty city

  5. Any advice about vacationing there this year?

  6. That over exaggerated fake accent is embarrassing. People don’t talk like that.

  7. Lmfo is the narrator Bostonian or trying to be Bostonian?

  8. Can’t wait to see the paks and gadens..

  9. Wow everyone looks so healthy and wealthy. I'd soon be immigrating to USA from India

  10. Are there bike or scooter that I can rent?

  11. Funny how he loses his accent when he says, "Boston."

  12. Expedia still owes me $770.50. They got fully refunded by the airline
    on August 25. Today is November 20. Does Expedia hire thieves to steal
    refunds. I read reviews on their website and many people have had
    similar problems

  13. I had thought that the right grammatical type is 'on foot' rather than 'by foot'.

  14. THE SINKING FOR BREACH OF QUARATINE, the RMS Carpathia transported Plague On July 17, 1918, it was part of a convoy traveling from Boston,the southern coast of Ireland, the ship was struck by three torpedoes from a German U-boat and sank“Unless precautions are taken the disease in all probability will spread to the civilian population of the city.” Thus wrote Dr. John S. Hitchcock, the head of the communicable disease section of the Massachusetts State Department of Health in a circular to local health officials. It was September 5, 1918. The disease of which he wrote was influenza, currently felling sailors aboard the Receiving Ship at Boston’s Commonwealth Pier

  15. The city of Boston,MA. is just a remarkable city with many great things to offers in 2022!

  16. Eva head the letta thats between 'Q' and 'S' in the alphabet?


  18. I thought I was listening to President Kennedy 😂

  19. This accent is not authentic. But it's a good attempt.


  21. Boston is my favorite second city. BUT I HATE THE SPORT TEAMS!!!!!!!!

  22. Boston is like an open air museum full with cardboard and wax people. The city is ok. However, most Bostonians are so empty and shallow. They have a hypocrite smile. I should not forget to mention that an average Bostonian might not even able to locate Harvard and MIT. Don't waste your money in Boston. I would take Quebec City any day over Boston.

  23. It has one of the worst subway in the U.S.A. The MBTA (Red and Orange lines) are so garbages.

  24. Travel tips if you are black, Asian, African American and Indian.
    – get ready for racism
    – if you feel uncomfortable, expose them as soon as possible right at the spot by saying OUT LOUD to your friends, “this person’s being racist”
    – racist people are the one has one tunnel vision/small minded.
    – make sure you take pictures of the racist person as soon as they give you stink eyes and tag on tiktok

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