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Can DUBAI be AFFORDABLE? It is one of the biggest questions on travelers minds as Dubai is often viewed as a luxury travel destination, however in this video we are going to show you how to TRAVEL DUBAI on a BUDGET, including enjoying some Luxury CHEAP in Dubai.

When we made a trip to Dubai, we realized that there were a lot of ways to make our Dubai trip more affordable and stay within a budget, so we went on a mission to show you how it can be possible to travel Dubai cheap(ly) in its 3 most popular parts (Dubai Mall, Old Dubai, Dubai Palm and Marina)

We give you ideas about Dubai prices; from hotels to some Dubai cheap food options, from the Dubai metro to shopping malls, and that way you can also make your Dubai trip affordable.

OLD DUBAI was the most cost efficient and most authentic part to visit. Most importantly, it was the home for the best Dubai Street Food options and Dubai cheap eats, so feel free to check out that video as well: https://youtu.be/CAAWazzY-Yo

Additionally, if you are traveling to Dubai for the first time or need some other tips and tricks about the city: https://youtu.be/NhPY4ZX91bY

For standard Burj Khalifa experience tickets: https://www.burjkhalifa.ae/en/observation-decks/at-the-top/

For the Atmosphere Lounge (more affordable than the restaurant) at the Burj Khalifa: http://www.atmosphereburjkhalifa.com/


0:00 Intro
0:15 Free things to do Dubai Mall
1:50 Dubai Metro Ride Cost
2:15 Cheap Dubai Hotel Stay
3:06 Dubai Coffee Museum (Old Dubai)
3:44 Cheap Dinner in Dubai
4:07 Dubai Monorail Cost
5:16 Cheap food in Dubai Atlantis
6:00 Dubai Palm Area & Taxi Cost
6:15 Dubai Jumeirah Beach Cost
7:00 Dubai Palm Happy Hour Cost
7:29 Can the Dubai Burj Khalifa be Affordable?
8:48 Closing & Next Times Scenes
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Hi, we are Gökçe and Steve, a married Turkish and American full time travel couple. We left behind our New York City office jobs and our home to experience the world and all its wonderful cultures.

We also want to teach you how you too can turn the money you spend every single day into FREE or CHEAP TRAVEL, just like we do, through using credit card points here on this channel!

We hope to inspire you to chase your own dreams and we thank you for subscribing to our channel to follow us along on our journey!



  1. Did we miss any cheap or affordable options during our time in Dubai? Let us know if you have any of your own tips or tricks to keep costs down in Dubai?

  2. It's so awesome to see some new content from you guys! This video reminded us so much of ourselves, always searching for good deals, good views, and happy hours!

    We love to visit cities with great metro systems that allow you to stay in more affordable parts of town while still having cheap and easy access to the more expensive areas.

    That view from the 123rd floor was amazing. It really did look like the view from a plane.

  3. First of all, happy to have you back
    Second, cool thumbnail guys!
    Third, let's watch this awesome video!

  4. Yes, give me all the coffee in the world!!
    Atlantis there looks like the one in the Bahamas. Yes, not so affordable.
    You guys really put a lot of information on this video on how to spend time in Dubai and not breaking the bank.

  5. Awesome experience and well deserved to celebrate Gokce's birthday!

  6. Nice to see you guys back but more info on Turkey please.

  7. Lol, that fish is so ugly, it's cute. Great tips on how to keep expensive places like Dubai affordable. It takes a little more looking but great deals can be found. Love that you also mix the expensive with the cheap as you travel. Balance is essential!

  8. Great video! Reminds me of my stay in Dubai! ♥️

  9. We would love to visit Dubai once the border opens. It’s in our bucketlist, especially the Burj Kalifa.
    This video is definitely our thing, keep everything in budget would be awesome 👍🏻 thanks for the tips!!

  10. Dinner for 2 Shawarma + drinks for less than $10 is definitely cheaper than Melbourne’s price. For that price, it’s only for 1 person I think here 😆

  11. Nice seeing Gokce dressed up going to Burj Kalifa for dinner. This is a great tip 👍🏻 we don’t mind spending a bit more for the experience once in a while. Just look at the view from up there, amazing!! 😍

  12. You're back! 🙂 Enjoyed this video.. I think I would probably cave and want to do the waterpark even though it's expensive! That beach looked really nice but towel definitely has to be the way to go. Oh man was that 10 dollars for a carslberg 😅 ooo is next time the Maldives? Amazing!

  13. Dubai nin hem pahalı hem uygun yerlerini gezdik sizinle ama yine de bizim favorimiz tartışılmaz şekilde atlantis the palm. Her ayrıntısı ile büyüleyici. Özellikle dev akvaryum ve aqua park. Biz de dubai ye gittiğimizde gezmiştik. Ama dışarısı 50 derece filandı herhalde 😁

  14. So great to have you back – well worth the wait! Picking up with another exceptional vlog. We really appreciate seeing all the hidden gems and interactions with wonderful people. Proof that a person can be 'off the beaten path' even in a place that is paved to the horizon. Thanks for sharing this experience – take care.

  15. DUBAI at the museum sounds like such a deal with the ☕ coffee. Great tips on the Atlantis area also. Stunning visual! The waterpark does sound expensive, especially for one day.

  16. Wow definitely not the most affordable place! Eagleville considering the Canadian exchange rate. Atlantis looks really fun though, and I'd love to go to the top of the tower. You meal at Atlantis seemed pretty affordable though.

  17. Hey guys!!! This was such a great video full of info and i will defiantly be watching this again when I go so I can keep the cost down!!! Loved hearing all the prices and how that would compare!! Old town Dubai looked awesome!! Would love to do the coffee museum too!! Loved seeing all the food I can’t wait to try when I go!! 🙂 awesome stuff guys!! 🙂

  18. Great experience thank you very much for this video

  19. love it compact as always guys – eatings in dubai isnt free. NOOOOO STEVE! 😛 haha.. my dream is definitely go to atlantis – my sis got lucky and got to stay there for her work :D.

    haha good tip for the beach – same like bali.. i rather get my own beach towel and sit by the beach myself lol

    okay the view from the burj khalifa..is insane!

  20. This is such a helpful video!! Dubai is high on our bucket list but we just assumed it was hard to travel cheap there but this video will help make it much more attainable with less research on our end. So thank you, thank you! 🙂 You guys covered sooo much in one video. Love the boats to Old Dubai especially and the open tanks at Atlantis! Such cool experiences!

  21. Hello – I want to stay at the Old Dubai Hotel you recommend but I can't find it – can you give an address or link? Thank you and keep up the great work…

  22. The last thing one should do when visiting Dubai is eat Junk American food like Five Guys, Starbucks etc.

    Go to one of the Old Dubai neighborhoods and eat something authentic that costs less than American junk food options.

  23. Good video for sure 👌 👍 more TMI Is better

  24. The food you have showed is actually damn huge overpriced. If you know the spots you can find the same food for under 15 AED

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