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Can you drink in Dubai? Alcohol Laws and Tips for Tourists in Dubai

Can you drink in Dubai? Alcohol Laws and Tips for Tourists in Dubai

Want to know if you can drink in Dubai? The good news is yes, you can. Dubai Travel Advice lets you know on the laws, tips for consuming alcohol in Dubai and advice on the best deals in town.




  1. Your channel is great girls.,,,,goodduck,,, I mean goodluck ^_^))

  2. wow guys you are amazing!! I started to love you after just 3 second I saw your video in a advertisement here on youtube

  3. So basically you can't "drink" in Dubai. No tiki bars, no Irish Pubs, no sports bars, no fun! Just overpriced places that make some slight exceptions. Good video though, answers my questions.

  4. I wondering why people think drinking alcohol is so important.

  5. 0:58 – *drinking alcohol outside is not illegal in the UK

  6. Totally ignoring all the people who wound up in jail for drinking downvote this misleading video

  7. Dubai appears rather superficial with the archaic and draconian laws.

  8. Fine than consume alcohol and get 80 to 200 lashes on your body then u will understand the cost.

  9. The only kind of foreigner workers they attract are alcoholics.

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