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advice, addresses and ideas for visits!

What to see in Bali, what to do, where to sleep, where to eat? Find all our advice, good addresses and ideas for visits to discover authentic Bali, off the beaten track! Read moreWhat to do in Bali – Little GypsyAh Bali, its rice fields, its surf spots and its sunsets… This destination makes more than one dream! But Bali is much more than that. It’s a magical island where the gods reign, where the inhabitants offer you their most beautiful smile, it’s an island with relaxing […]

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exploring a little paradise on earth

Trip to Bali, our favorite destination The island of Bali is increasingly popular because it is the most famous in Indonesia. It developed very quickly and mass tourism is now very present. Already in 2015, when we went there for the first time, we discovered an island that was living at 100 miles an hour, packed with people, hotels, restaurants… to the delight of tourists. But not for us! We were coming from Australia, where the land is vast and there is space. So I must admit […]

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12 destinations to go to in Bali in 2023!

ou aller à Bali à la Plage

It’s not easy to know where to go in bali when planning a first trip to that destination. Indeed, this Indonesian island is large and there are many places to see. Families, surfers, hikers, diving enthusiasts, partygoers or even those who seek to immerse themselves in Balinese culture will find what they are looking for in this place. Read moreWhat to do in Bali – Little GypsyOn the other hand, the landscapes of Bali are incredibly diverse. You will find heavenly beaches, mountains, volcanoes, rice fields, islands […]

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The TOP 12 Sites to See in Bali. What to See

Matisse’s advice: Nusa Lembogan is the ideal place to spend nights in a bungalow in front of the ocean at unbeatable prices. On Nusa Penida, head all the way north for stunning views of Mount Agung. Read moreWhat to do in Bali – Little GypsyThese three islands located 30 minutes by boat from Sanur (South-East Bali), are particularly appreciated for their authenticity and their cliffs, dream beaches and mangroves. A real paradise! Seaweed cultivation is highly developed there and is one of the main resources for the […]

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25 activities to discover Bali and not miss anything

Forêt des singes Ubud

Just at the mention of bali“the island of the Gods”, our spirit soars towards the rice terraces and the magnetic charm temples so emblematic of the island. The smallest island in the Indonesian archipelago, Bali is also the most popular with tourists. And for good reason… Sport, well-being, gastronomy, culture and celebrations, the options are extremely numerous to spend an unforgettable stay in a dream decor. Read moreWhat to do in Bali – Little GypsyTo not miss anything of the beautiful Bali, here is the top 25 […]

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What to do in Bali in 2 weeks? The complete guide!

In any case, even if some parts of these beaches are supervised, I advise you not to venture too far. Indeed, the waves are immense and swimming can sometimes be dangerous. For swimming, prefer the beaches of Amed or Gili Islands. Seminyak and Canggu Read moreWhat to do in Bali – Little GypsyIf you want to enjoy the party vibe of South Bali but want to keep more calm, then prefer Seminyak or Canggu where the atmosphere is more upscale than in Kuta. Indeed, you will also […]

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▷ 10 Do’s and Don’ts in Bali, Indonesia, so you don’t look like a tourist

Ihe life, religion and art all converge in Bali. They don’t have a word in their language for “artist” or “art”. Everyone is an artist” ~ Anais Nin. Have you ever wondered what the secret is to having the most enjoyable trip possible? Welcome to my “Be Invisible” series – your ultimate guide on how to avoid looking like a tourist on your next adventure and guaranteed to boost your travel experience. Read moreWhat to do in Bali – Little GypsyBrimming with helpful tips and tricks, I […]

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What To Do In Bali – The 10 Must-See Things To Do

Thinking of visiting the island of the gods and wondering: what to do in Bali? Do not look any further ! I have selected for you 10 must-see places that I recommend you visit during your stay in Bali. 10 places is not a lot and so I had to be very selective in order to give you only the best spots. Read moreWhat to do in Bali – Little GypsyI also add that this selection was made according to my personal preferences. You will therefore find […]

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19 things to do for a magical trip to Bali

Rice paddies, surf beaches, Hindu temples, yoga studios, volcanoes and beach bars: Bali is Indonesia’s most famous destination. And even if it has a very touristic side, its beauty and its relaxed way of life manage to charm almost all types of travellers! Here are 19 experiences to taste the magic of the “Island of the Gods”: 1. Get lost in the small streets of Ubud. Read moreWhat to do in Bali – Little GypsyIn the heart of the jungle and the rice fields, Ubud is the […]

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7 travel ideas to explore in North Bali!

When thinking of Bali as a vacation suggestion, most people instantly think of the bustling beaches of Sanur, the glamorous nightlife of Seminyak, the lush and peaceful Ubud or the luxury of Nusa Dua. Few people know that the northern part of Bali is also home to many hidden gems worth discovering. Read moreWhat to do in Bali – Little GypsySince Indonesia has reopened Bali to international travelers, maybe you can plan your new trip to the island of the gods. If you want to explore North […]

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