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Chapka Coupon Code 2022 (5% Discount)

Chapka Coupon Code 2022 (5% Discount)

Chapka Coupon Code 2022 (5% Discount)

Subscription to Chapka Assurances in 5 minutes

Subscribe to a travel insurance has never been easier, and you can fix everything in literally five minutes with just a few clicks.

Click on one of my links in this article or go directly to www.chapkadirect.fr. You don’t need to enter coupon code Chapka.

Your insurance contract and additional documents will be sent to your e-mail address immediately.

I repeat, take a travel insurance is ESSENTIAL to leave. Nevertheless, this still represents a fairly significant cost in its budget.

Thanks to One way without returnyou can benefit from a 5% discount on your next PVT or short-stay travel insurance.

My coupon code Chapka Assurances applies automatically when you come from this site. Just click on any link Chapka in this article to be recognized as a reader of the blog and benefit from your reduction on the price of the estimate.

In summary, to get your rate with the 5% reduction:

Activate it coupon code Chapka Assurances on the contract of your choice:
Cape Working Holiday / Cape Assistance 24/24

Examples of reduced rates with the chapka insurance promo code PVT / WHV *

* Payment available in 3 instalments from €150 – Prices given for information only.

Examples of reduced rates with the chapka short-stay insurance promo code

  • Area 1 : Europe and Israel, Morocco, Tunisia
  • Area 2 : Worldwide except zones 3 and 4
  • Area 3 : Worldwide including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brazil, Switzerland, excluding USA, Canada
  • Area 4 : Worldwide including USA, Canada

What is not included in travel insurance?

Despite all their guarantees, it is good to know what is not included in your travel insurance.

In general, extreme activities are not covered such as hang gliding, paragliding, bungee jumping, or diving, unless you pay extra.

Also, a large part of the insurance will not cover you if you injure someone while you are driving (civil liability yes). Accidents due to the consumption of alcohol or narcotics, or negligence concerning one’s belongings are also not covered.

What if I only travel within Europe?

If you only travel in Europethen it is advisable to obtain the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). It will allow you to certify your rights to health insurance and to benefit from on-site coverage of your medical care, according to the legislation and formalities in force in the country of stay.

But all costs must be advanced. This is why I advise you to subscribe to a travel insurance.

You can make your request EHIC directly on the internet here.

But I don’t already have insurance with my credit card?

Some Bank cards (Visa Premier, Mastercard, American Express) give you access to repatriation assistance (including coverage of some medical expenses) and death and disability insurance, if you have booked your plane ticket with the same card.

But this kind of insurance is unfortunately quite limited:

  • They are only valid for 90 days.
  • You are only reimbursed on purchases paid for with said bank card.
  • Guarantees are less advantageous than travel insurance.
  • The deductible is quite high.

So they can help out for short stays but it’s always better to take a real travel insurance.

What about my safety in all this?

Already, you should know that social security coverage only covers illness.

It will cover your medical expenses in the European Union if you have used your European Health Insurance Card. It will therefore sometimes be necessary to advance the costs.

If you travel outside the European Union, forget the social security. She won’t cover you. Or at best she will reimburse you on the French scales after filling out a ton of paperwork!

And my health insurance?

Again, more or less the same fight. As the mutual fund works in addition to social security, it will be useless if something happens to you outside the European Union.

It could possibly be used in the event of hospitalization in France, in the case of a repatriation for example. But this case is very rare, so it is not necessarily necessary to keep your health insurance when you go on a long trip.

GobyAVA, the alternative to Chapka

AVA has been an international health specialist broker since 1981.
With its GOBYAVA brand, AVA insures PVTISTS, students and adventurers all over the world with high-end and exclusive guarantees.
For example, the WORKING HOLIDAY HEALTH PLAN is the only contract to offer coverage of health costs without limit, without deductible, without intervention of social security, and on request, without advance payment.
It is also possible, in the event of an early return to France, to be reimbursed for the remaining months (under conditions) of his contract. Finally, they cover you if you leave less than 90 days to travel in countries other than the country of your PVT.

Here are some tips for thetravel insurance. I hope this will help you see things a bit more clearly. Again, don’t leave without insurance. It would be silly to pay several thousand euros in health costs for wanting to save on insurance.

To be totally transparent, know that if you take out travel insurance by going through a link contained in this article to have your chapka promo code, I will receive a small commission on the sale. Of course, this is at no extra cost for you and even gives you a 5% reduction on the formulas. Cape Working Holiday and Cape Assistance 24 hours a day.

If you can think of any other useful information that I may have overlooked on Chapka and thetravel insurance in general, put them in comments.

And if you want more information for organize your trip and prepare your PVTyou can obtain in addition my ultimate guide to prepare your trip without stress.

Do not hesitate to ask me your questions about the blog Or on Facebook if you have 🙂

PS: If you need to contact Chapka customer service for more information, fill out the form just below and ask to be called back (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.) 🙂

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