Cheap travel insurance: 3 tips

Cheap travel insurance: 3 tips

Cheap travel insurance: 3 tips

Cheap travel insurance: 3 tips

Tip 1: Compare like-for-like

There are a lot ofdifferent travel insurance on the market. If you’re looking for cheap travel insurance, you need to be sure you know what you’re choosing. Travel insurance can include 1 or more of these guarantees:

  • Assistance to people (medical assistance): your hospitalization, repatriation, post-treatment costs, etc. abroad are compensated.
  • Car assistance (breakdown): you receive help in the event of a car problem. Abroad, and possibly also in Belgium if this is understood.
  • cancellation insurance : the insurer intervenes, among other things, if you have to cancel your trip following the death, accident or illness of an insured person or a member of the (close) family.
  • Baggage insurance : you have the right to an intervention if your luggage is stolen, lost or damaged.

When you compare them, check if the travel insurance includes the same guarantees. Good to know: when we talk about travel assistance, by default this includes personal assistance and possibly also vehicle assistance.

Tip 2: Read the fine print carefully

Each travel assistance insurance offers different guarantees, coverages and exclusions. For instance :

  • The medical fees covers range from €50,000 to €2,000,000. Knowing for example that in the USA and in some private hospitals, these costs can climb quickly, it is best to check the ceiling of the travel assistance insurance you want to take out.
  • The countries in which you are insured depend on the travel insurance you choose. So check the territory covered.
  • Some insurers do not provide assistance for vehicles over 10 or 15 years old.
  • Some insurers offer an unlimited number of interventions, others limit the number of interventions to for example 2 or 5.
  • With some insurers, you are entitled to a replacement car for 15 days, with others you do not receive a replacement car.
  • All the grounds for cancellation are not always covered in thecancellation insurance and sometimes not for the whole sum of the trip. So check carefully which events give rise to an intervention.
  • A baggage insurance generally does not intervene for damage to smartphones, laptops, glasses, etc. Read carefully what the exclusions are. Also check the maximum intervention amount.

Tip 3: use the travel assistance insurance comparator from Test Achats Assurances

By comparing travel insurance with Test Achats Assurances, you benefit from various advantages:

  • With the Master-Purchaseyou are sure to choose a good quality travel insurance at an attractive price.
  • You see the quality scorethem advantages and the disadvantages of all travel assistance insurance.
  • You can compare up to 5 travel assistance insurances on all important criteria such as coverage amounts for medical expenses, replacement car, etc.

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