Cheap Travel Insurance!

Cheap Travel Insurance!

Cheap Travel Insurance!

Cheap Travel Insurance!

Are you looking for a travel insurance policy at a lower cost? On the insurance comparator, you’ve come to the right place! Access cheap quotes in just a few clicks and subscribe online.

Save money while maintaining good warranties

Since its launch in 2010, the insurance comparator has set itself the goal of offering contracts combining serious guarantees and price competitiveness. When it comes to travel insurance, our promise is the same. Subscribing to a cheap contract should not be done at the expense of top-of-the-range coverage!

Repatriation, cancellation insurance, assistance, reimbursement of medical expenses… All of these contingencies can be covered, without necessarily breaking the bank, by means of travel insurance taken out on the Internet.

Why is online travel insurance cheaper?

By visiting, you will have free access to travel insurance quotes displaying the best prices on the market. You will then find that for equal coverage, these rates are for the most part cheaper than those offered by traditional insurance players.

These price differences are explained by the reduction in management fees that subscription to an “online” contract allows. No more traveling to an agency or repeated mailings, it is now possible to take out a travel insurance contract in a few minutes and thus limit your expenses.

How to find a tailor-made contract on

We know that each of your international trips is different and that is why we strive to offer you offers matching your criteria. The principle of the comparator is simple: we precisely target your profile and then present you with the offers that best meet your needs.

To access our personalized quotes page and discover The lowest prices, you just have to answer a short questionnaire of a few questions. These answers are essential: it is thanks to them that we are able to offer you the best contracts at low cost. Don’t hesitate any longer, find your travel insurance on and save money!

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