Colau desperately tries to retain Primavera Sound in Barcelona

Colau desperately tries to retain Primavera Sound in Barcelona

Colau desperately tries to retain Primavera Sound in Barcelona

The arrival of Ada Colau at the head of the city council of Barcelona, ​​he supposed a complete political revolution in the city. The former activist, thus, achieved victory in the 2015 municipal elections thanks to the media pull that the Podemos brand had at that time.

The current mayor of the city, in addition, announced in recent days that she would stand for a third re-election, something that sparked the premature electoral campaign. Some candidates, such as Ernest Maragall from ERC, had to make a move in the face of Colau’s decision, which also failed to fulfill the promise of only running for two terms.

Colau’s governments during these seven years, however, have not been without controversy. With the fight against the car as the main policy, the mayor and her team have tried to remodel different areas of the city that have even reconsidered its model.

As it is, festivals have been one of the most problematic battlefields for Colau. In that sense the Spring Soundheld in Barcelona since 2001, has recently threatened to leave Barcelona before the inconveniences of the consistory for its celebration.

The contest that opens the festival season celebrates its first edition this year since the start of the pandemic, although could be one of the last. Thus, for two weekends there will be concerts both at the Parc del Fòrum in Barcelona and in fifteen venues in the Catalan capital, for a total of twelve days of events, something that could be the final outcome for the relationship between the festival and Barcelona that Contract ends in 2023.

The co-director of Primavera Sound Gabi Ruiz recently assured again that the parties that make up the Barcelona City Council do not want the festival. He even went so far as to state that he does not rule out holding the entire festival in Madrid in 2024, as the organization had already stated on more than one occasion.

The festival leaders have even warned that the future of the festival could be in Madrid because in the capital “they love them”. In addition, on more than one occasion the festival has stated that the city would be delighted to host the event, something that increased the problems with Barcelona.

According to the organizers, they do not notice the support of the Barcelona council, while the possible reception of the Community and the Madrid City Council has always been “impressive”. Despite the dispute from the festival has also stated that it owes a lot to the city and its people, but not to the political class.

Faced with this threat from the festival, the City Council has been forced to make a move to retain an important festival in many ways for the city. Thanks to its great longevity, the event is capable of mobilize a large number of fans who also bring great benefits to the city.

Barcelona City Council offer

Thus, the deputy mayor for Culture of Barcelona, ​​Jordi Martí, announced that the City Council has offered a new proposal to the promoters of Primavera Sound to fiSet the dates for the next four years so this one can stay in town.

Although Martí has ​​not specified more details of the proposal, he has said that it is finishing closing and that is based on the fact that the festival can be celebrated in the same conditions that has been done so far, that is, keeping it in the Fòrum and “having more comfort over time”. In addition, he explained that they are waiting for a response, adding that: “I cannot imagine what this insurmountable problem is so that Primavera cannot continue in Barcelona”.

Regarding Gabi Ruiz’s statements in recent weeks, she has also said that they do not understand “where the complaint is”, affirming that there is a climate of dialogue and good understanding between the two, so he believes that the co-director’s statements are due to the nerves prior to the celebration of the festival, which begins this Thursday.

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