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Colau gives in to the insecurity in Barcelona and orders police reinforcements to face the summer

Colau gives in to the insecurity in Barcelona and orders police reinforcements to face the summer

When Ada Colau When she ran for mayor of Barcelona, ​​she did so by keeping, among other promises, that her city council would need anything but a greater police presence. In fact, her populist message was built on her idea of make the riot unit of the Barcelona Urban Guard disappear, the Barcelona municipal police. The time and reality They have taken away the reason of the woman who is in charge of one of the cities with the greatest sense of insecurity in Europe. That is why Colau has decided to go against herself and shield Barcelona with a police presence to face a summer that is expected to be very difficult from the point of view of security in Barcelona.

Robberies with violence and intimidation and sexual assaults have skyrocketed in Barcelona and things are not looking good in the medium term and much worse with summer just around the corner. The Crime Balance of the Ministry of the Interior does not deceive: more than 10,500 robberies with violence and 166 crimes of sexual violence in a single year in Barcelona. Every two days a woman was the victim of a sexual assault in Barcelona. The same balance ensures that the city of Barcelona is 7% less safe than the previous year.

So the same mayor who fought against evictions before having a baton and who now promotes the release of squatted homes in her city, has again contradicted her words with facts, although that, fortunately, will benefit residents and visitors of a city where 30 violent robberies and hundreds of careless thefts of handbags and watches take place every day.

More riot

For this summer, the Barcelona City Council has decided that dissolving the riot police was perhaps not such a good idea given the violence that the police encounter in the streets of Barcelona. Yes, they changed their name, now they are an Emergency and Proximity Reinforcement unit, but the really curious thing is that today, that unit that Colau was going to abolish, has almost 20 more police officers.

And it is that, without them, without those policemen, it would be impossible to undertake the summer that is upon Barcelona and that precisely will put tourists, women and citizens in general in particular danger, in a very special way in certain areas Township. That is why a reinforcement of the patrols is going to be activated so that there is a greater police presence in the streets, paying special attention to the metro stops and to the areas closest to the coast, to the beaches, a recurring scene of aggressions and fights, especially in summer.

The residents of Barcelona are going to see almost 40% more police at night this summer and for this the city council will make a millionaire investment since it needs to put almost 350 police officers on the streets to cover the most complicated areas.

An attempt is going to be made to put an end to a problem that has complicated the coexistence of Barcelona for a long time and that was perfectly reflected in 2020 by an independent study of the Royal Automobile Club of Cataloniain which, wanting to carry out a study of mobility and habits in the city of Barcelona, ​​he found some very worrying data. Seven out of ten women have changed their mobility habits in Barcelona in order to feel safe. 40% claim to have felt physical and verbal harassment in their daytime trips. But it is that what this study discovered about the behavior of women in Barcelona at night gives an undeniable image of the situation in the city.

In Barcelona nine out of ten women do not want to walk alone at night and if they do, 97% look for areas that are always lit, 95% try to walk through places with many people and half of the women consulted try to talk on the phone for the entire duration of their solo journeys.

Prevention measures are an excellent idea, such as information and self-protection, but what Colau has finally seemed to understand is that they cannot be signed on blank checks as far as Citizen Security is concerned and only the dissuasion of the presence Police can be a useful tool in Barcelona.

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