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comparison of the 40 best contracts [2022]

comparison of the 40 best contracts [2022]

comparison of the 40 best contracts [2022]

Travel insurance: how does it work?

Travel insurance covers the health and hospitalization costs when traveling abroad following a sudden illness or accident.

Travel insurance also covers repatriation (decided by the insurer’s medical advisor) when your state of health requires it.

In addition to guarantees for assistance and coverage of health costs abroad, travel insurance can also include cancellation insurance which costs between 3% and 6% of the cost of the trip.

Finally, many other guarantees are included in travel insurance contracts: loss, theft or damage to luggage, private civil liability abroad, presence of a loved one if you are hospitalized, early return if a member of your family is hospitalized or died, etc.

Travel insurance price

The price of travel insurance depends on the age of the traveler (the older the more expensive the insurance), the destination and the duration of the trip.

The comparator Insurly integrates the precise tariffs of about fortyinsurance : insurance for a tourist trip abroad, travel insurance for an internship or study abroadinsurance working holiday visa

COVID travel insurance

Many countries now require travel insurance with a certificate mentioning the coverage of health costs related to covid. Insurance companies that automatically provide this certificate in French and English are stamped with a green dot. covid certificate.

We update all information related to Covid-19 guarantees travel insurance. A green pellet”COVID certificate“indicates in particular that the insurance provides a certificate with the mention “coverage of health costs linked to Covid” automatically when you subscribe.

Travel insurance: comparison of guarantees

Each travel insurance has its own characteristics: ceiling for reimbursement of medical expenses abroad, conditions linked to repatriation, reimbursement of 100% of actual costs, reimbursement on the 1er euro or in addition to social security, etc.

Our comparator allows you to evaluate each insurance in relation to the others and also in relation to the travel insurance guarantees included in your bank card.

Travel insurance quote

You can get a travel insurance quote using our comparator. You will have an accurate price based on the number of travelers, their age, the destination and the duration of the trip.

By clicking on the corresponding offer, you will then be redirected to the site of the broker or insurer. You can simulate the price online and get an immediate quote. If the quote suits you, subscription will be possible online and your certificate will be issued immediately.

However, some cases may require a special study before an estimate is issued. For example, if you have a pre-existing illness that you wish to cover, the insurer may ask you for a medical questionnaire and possibly apply an additional premium to the contract.

If you would like a quote for a group of travelerssome sites offer an online quote, but for others, it is necessary to contact the sales team who will offer a quote based on the characteristics of the trip, the destination, the number of travelers and the guarantees taken out.

Which travel insurance to choose?

Travel insurance companies have designed tailor-made products for several types of travel:

What is the best travel insurance?

In our comparison of travel insurance, you have the choice between very well-known insurance and some that are less so. However, these less well-known insurance companies work with renowned assistance providers (AXA assistance, Europ Assistance, etc.). In the same way, insurers cover the risk of your health costs, even if they amount to several hundred thousand euros.

In the Insurly comparator, the price is the main criterion for choosing users. The best travel insurance is therefore usually the cheapest. However, it is important to check that the insurance also sufficiently covers health costs in countries where health is expensive (USA, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, etc.) and that it covers at 1er euro and not just as a supplement to social security.

If you go abroad to practice a sporting activity (non-competitive), such as kite-surfing or diving, check that it is not excluded from the contract. Some insurances may cover these optional activities.

Guarantees related to Covid can also be interesting: some travel insurance offers a cancellation insurance which covers a canceled departure due to a positive PCR test or isolation if you are in contact.

Travel insurance: the essentials in 3 minutes

Travel insurance: simulator

The Insurly travel insurance comparator allows you to perform simulations in order to obtain a price for your travel insurance. You can change the number and age of travellers, destination, trip duration and get rates instantly online without providing your personal information.

Simulating the cost of travel insurance allows you to accurately estimate the share of the budget linked to travel insurance in the cost of your stay abroad, whether for cancellation insurance or multi-risk insurance covering your costs international health.

A transparent travel insurance comparator

The compared products are presented by increasing price. A rating is applied to each product according to a methodology public rating. Insurly is 100% independent and is not linked to any insurance company (see obligations of the comparator). We are remunerated when you take out insurance via the comparator, by a commission on the price of the insurance (between 15% and 23% depending on the product). This commission does not increase the sale price of the insurance.

Cheap travel insurance

The travel insurance comparator allows you to identify cheap travel insurance your first criterion is the price. By entering the duration of the trip, the age of the travelers and the destination, you will obtain an accurate price.

Travelers may be looking for cheap travel insurance, for example in countries where travel insurance is now compulsory or to supplement their credit card insurance.

Some inexpensive insurance such as ACS or Assur Travel, however, offer very correct guarantees on medical expenses or assistance.

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