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Cruising On A Sailboat | Sailing In The Balearic Islands (Mallorca)

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The largest of the four islands of the Balearics, Mallorca (or Majorca from the Latin word ‘major’ meaning larger) has become one of the chicest holiday destinations in the Mediterranean. In terms of size, the island only stretches around 100km x 100 km north to south and west to east with the capital Palma in the south, so nowhere is too far. Check out this comprehensive guide on the beautiful island before you go and cruise on a sailboat in Majorca or Mallorca.

Here in Navisyo, we offer daytime romantic boat experiences, family experiences, coastal cruising, voyage adventure, floated, and a lot more. In this channel, we will share what to expect and what it looks like to travel with us. Our offers are unique and perfect for travelers who visit Mallorca and are looking for daytime tours from the price to the boat owners.

00:00 Introduction
01:13 Where exactly is Mallorca?
01:38 Renting a boat or a yacht
02:08 Sailing charter
02:25 Motorboat or yacht charter
02:49 Crewed charter
03:02 Catered charter
03:34 Getting ready for the sailing excursion
04:14 Highlights of a typical sailing itinerary
04:38 Sailing up and down the North Coast
05:50 Sailing up and down the East Coast
06:50 Sailing around the South Coast
07:50 Sailing up and down the West Coast
08:51 When is the ideal time to sail around the island of Mallorca?

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