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Cruising On A Sailboat | Sailing In The Balearic Islands (Menorca)

Cruising On A Sailboat | Sailing In The Balearic Islands (Menorca)

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Hands down, sailing around Minorca, and all the balearic islands for that matter, is a fantastic experience. The waters are very clean, the beaches are well-groomed, the food is excellent, the people are delightful and there are anchorages to suit everyone. Whether you want a quiet scenic bay with turquoise water or a bustling harbor filled with shops, cafes, and historical old towns you’ll get your fix. Here we bring you a simple guide to exploring the balearic islands Menorca to understand the conditions there and enjoy to the fullest.

Here in Navisyo, we offer daytime romantic boat experiences, family experiences, coastal cruising, voyage adventure, floated, and a lot more. In this channel, we will share what to expect and what it looks like to travel with us. Our offers are unique and perfect for travelers who visit Mallorca and are looking for daytime tours from the price to the boat owners.

00:00 Introduction
01:33 Learn about the Island
04:10 Mahón and its environs
05:17 The island’s southernmost point
05:58 The southwest
06:35 The north coast
07:39 Ciutadella and the surrounding area
08:57 The Climate in Menorca

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