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Dismantled a clandestine workshop in Tarragona that scrapped motorcycles stolen in Barcelona

Dismantled a clandestine workshop in Tarragona that scrapped motorcycles stolen in Barcelona

The Mossos d’Esquadra have dismantled in the town of Creixell (Tarragona) an clandestine workshop from stolen motorcycles in Barcelona. In addition, they have arrested the person in charge of the premises, a 32-year-old man who is related to the theft of 18 motorcycles.

The agents of the Catalan police of Tarragona began the research after being informed of the existence of a place in the street Apia of Creixell where stolen motorcycles were scrapped to reuse and sell the parts separately. On Monday, the Mossos went to the place to make the checks relevant. They found a man who worked as mechanical and that he manipulated various two-wheeled vehicles.

“They were surprised by large number of pieces and parts of existing motorcycles”, the body reported this Sunday through a statement. For this reason, they located two motorcycles that had not yet been disassembled and checked the chassis numbers. Both vehicles were listed as stolen during the last weeks in Barcelona. In this way, the agents arrested the man, who already had a police record for motorcycle theft.

Another stolen motorcycle appeared in front of the clandestine workshop

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after asking judicial authorization in El Vendrell, the agents carried out on Tuesday afternoon a comprehensive record in the clandestine workshop. In the time between the arrest on Monday and the judicial entry, a new motorcycle appeared parked in front of the premises. The agents verified that its owner had reported its theft last Sunday at the Catalan capital.

The agents confirmed in the registry evidence of a dozen motorcycles stolen, a figure that could rise to 18 because they found six chassis Y six engines with the frame number manipulated, material that is now being analyzed to determine its origin.

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