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Dubai Expats: Working in a hotel.

Dubai Expats: Working in a hotel.

What is it like working in a hotel in Dubai? I interviewed one of the employees to find out some information.

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  1. Очень приятное и интересное видео, 👍👏! Огромных тебе успехов 🎉🎉🎉🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹!!!

  2. Hey Oksy, I’m glad you’re back. I love your energy <3

  3. A very informative story of a young girl in Dubai

  4. We missed you! More of these videos please 🙏🏻

  5. i missed u so much dont do us like that anymore :))

  6. OMG I so missed your videos. Welcome back!! We love you.

  7. Hey Oksy, How can I contact you, Can you help me to market my products.. "100% Natural King Coconut juice"

  8. Is it legal to work full time job in hospitality and work online if you are foreign?

  9. Hello, I studied hotel college and love to work in hotels, I am from Africa, now I work in Fujairah, Dibba ?? I am looking for friends who work in hotels to benefit from their experiences

  10. Hi, thanks for the video. One moment….personally for me it would be interesting to know how long the working hours are, how many days off….how she felt with this schedule….wasn't it exhausting and so on…. what kind of accomodation they propose, with how many people do you share it….and the most challanging moments when you really want to quit….

  11. heyy, I really woukd like to know more about the benefits. Is it possible for a housekeeping manager get an accomodation for the family ?

  12. This was so useful video for me! I want to have my internship in Dubai in the following year , would you recommend any hotels or websites which would be helpful in my situation?✌🏼🤍

  13. Can you please make a video like this but interviewing someone in the nightlife? Whether it’s a nightclub as a bartender or bottle service.
    Also a waitress at a restaurant (I hear tipping your waitress is kind of disrespectful to them. It’s the opposite in the US)

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