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Dubai Hotel Fire: Guest Took Photo Of Next Door Room On Fire

Dubai Hotel Fire: Guest Took Photo Of Next Door Room On Fire

Angus Villar was on the 15th floor of the burning Dubai hotel and took this photo of the next-door room on fire. He says he saw no sprinklers go off, and the alarm only sounded long after the fire had spread. Latest updates: http://news.sky.com/story/1614858/huge-fire-near-dubai-nye-fireworks-display



  1. ISIS is attacking Dubai during Christmas.

  2. yeah..fire doesnt just break out of nowhere. .. somebody in a room deliberately set this fire…thats the world we live in..

  3. This is the FOURTH fire at least in a Dubai skyscraper building this year.
    Where is the sprinkler system?
    Where was the fire brigade?

  4. Have to laugh at the 'man on the phone in Dubai'.
    Probably in the next studio – another fake Sky News witness.

  5. unless this building did not have latest fire control technologies, no way this was an electrical fire.

  6. i think because this is a muslim country and u shouldnt have fireworks

  7. No one noticed the arm holding onto the reiling from the fire?

  8. Somebody just shoot a rocket to it and the damage was nearly all to only exterior – that's why the alarm didn't go on either.

  9. I hope 2016 doesn't have all the terrible bad news that 2015 had almost every week.

  10. It's seems they are more concerned of sprinklers causing water damage than them putting out flames.

  11. SKY NEWS should now do a proper report of the state of the building now. The reporting was terrible on all news channels of this.

  12. Actually they continued the show cause their alot of people came and the president of Dubai went to shut down the fire with the fire men and the fire car came in 2 min 20 car 1000 police mans and this only happens 1 time of a year stop being so aggressive towards them they are really nice and alot of Americans live in Dubai and work and the address hotel they got all people out in 2 min no one died or anything and they say cause if clothes got burned they gave them money and everything to buy cloth and took care of where they will stay

  13. no alarm, no sprinkler system, no smoke alarm? do they have dry riser or wet riser? do they even have a fire extinguisher? do they have a fire protection plan? fire resistant door…fire escape plan…fire escape signs..do they have a fire department that approve the fire protection in place before issuing certificate of fitness.

  14. Lots of people say that 2015 sucked hard, I wish to all those people (including myself) to feel satisfied looking back at 2016

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