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Dubai International Airport Terminal – 3 DXB | TRANSITING DUBAI AIRPORT – The Most Watched Video

Dubai International Airport Terminal – 3 DXB | TRANSITING DUBAI AIRPORT – The Most Watched Video

This my latest Airport review video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpDndEsnW5c&t=60s Please SUBSCRIBE and Click the …



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  2. I went there only once with my family and I was surprised how big it is ^^
    My dad works there now as a shoeshiner ^^

  3. sttuned, but I hate those large airports where you have to walk and walk

  4. i m travelling to dxb from hyd india…. is it neccesary to take a train if i arrive on terminal 3

  5. Only when you travel emerates we went by virgin and got treated like crap.

  6. La plus belle aérogare du monde, c'est très belle vraiment, dubai airport

  7. my family and i will be arriving at Dubai airport from Dublin as we are travelling to Phuket. (Dubai airport is our stop over for two hours) can someone tell me what terminal do we land in from Dublin and what terminal do we have to go too for our connecting flight to Phuket.
    Im worried Dubai airport is so big we wont find it in time. please help. it looks huge in this video.

  8. where is gold bar box in which duty free shop in which terminal and area at dubai airport
    where is gold box departure or Arrivals

  9. The plane is so nice and huge. Have a safe flight and travel. Beautiful Dubai…

  10. The camera is very shaky and one can hardly see the signs clearly. Though I got an idea of how the airport looks like didn't help other than that. I will have to look at other videos.

  11. This airport is as big as my city 🙄 u think I can get lost there ? Like are the indications very explicit?

  12. How feasible to access one gate to another gate to transit? Is 1 hour and 30 minutes enuf to not missed the flight? As I going to UK in couple of months I will transit at dubai..First time n a bit nervous…

  13. We only have 1h20 to catch our connecting flight to London. Will we make it in time?

  14. I was there last year this time ! It's huge…. I'm travelling to Dubai on Saturday again… This time I'll be staying overnight ! Any city tour available ?.. Tx in advance !!

  15. If i arrive at gates B & i have connection on gate C. Still i have to use this train OR if i arrive at A then only i have to use this train

  16. Hey,

    I have a layover in DXB for only 1 hour 25 until my next flight to Bali……is this do-able? I am so nervous. Thanks

  17. Wow Dubai Airport Very nice . New friend here watching in Philippines

  18. I love taking plane rides and I love exploring airports. So far, my favorite is hong Kong and Singapore airports. Never been to dubai but would love to go there someday.

  19. Bucket list: Travel every 2 years 😆 I’m ☺️ Excited to fly on Emirates as I will be visiting 🇮🇳 soon and hopefully 🇮🇹 in the future. Great video love ❤️ the subtle music 🎶 🙏🏼

  20. I have a question, is there a left luggage locker before customs and security in terminal 3. we are doing a short stop over and do not wish to have all our luggage go to the hotel with us?

  21. Useful video. I suggest next time to use a phone with a better camera. Try to focus better, show directions signs and NOT use background music. Good luck.

  22. nothing could say more about the death of Western culture in the last 50 years than the amount of cultural and material wealth it has pumped into deserts in the sand

  23. Hallo my dear beautiful friend your video is beautiful and great footage and awesome music keep safe have a nice weekend

  24. Dubai airport is just like a mall soo big visited many times want to go again

  25. It is a nice presentation. By the way I am going to India along with infant via Dubai terminal 3. More than 17 hours to stay. Is there any drugs store and health professional available?

  26. Wow nice transit in Dubai it's a great airport and the most busiest airport in the earth, thank you so much, it's meh Super Bosing

  27. Is 1 hour 5 mins layover enough to board the connecting flight at the same terminal at Dubai international airport please answer fast

  28. Where's the tips? What a waste of time!

  29. Thanks for this video. Can you recall if you had to go through security again when getting off the plane, or getting on to your next flight?

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