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Dubai Travel Vlog 2021: Young&Turnt

Dubai Travel Vlog 2021: Young&Turnt

Hey Baddies! This is my Dubai Travel Vlog! Dubai was really fun but super hot! sooo many reasons this vlog is out soo late but I still hope you guys like it! Make sure you guys like comment and subscribe tell me what videos you guys wanna see, I have so much more to come!!

Weekend Trip To LA 🌴 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53LNH
FLAWLESS Soft Glam Makeup https://youtu.be/zhYFwPKaaBI
Valentine’s Day in Tulum https://youtu.be/lp5u8EG98K0


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Hope you enjoyed this Dubai vlog 💕

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  1. Yesss I love the vibes 😍😍😍😍

  2. What do you take your pictures with & edit if you do edit them

  3. you both look so good in the abayas and looks so high end! absolutely love it honey 😍😍😍

  4. Heyy did they ask for ID (disco or bar) ? Or you just need to say your age ?

  5. LOVEEE you’re channel such undervalued content you’re editing is so good and you’re so beautiful!💕

  6. 2 mins in and I’m OBSESSED with the editing ! What do you use ? Sorry if you’ve answered this previously. If anyone already knows please let me know ! Thank you ❤️❤️

  7. not her asking if her eyelash extentions are giving when ive already sent pics of em to my lash tech

  8. The beat and lashes are definitely giving 🤌❤️…

  9. Thank you so much for vlogging so much content, that's so amazing💛, the amount of effort and charging you did. 🔥WOOW Keep going!! Loved DUBAI 😍

  10. Hey tosin tee love the dubi vlog ? Where was that place in old dubi where that guy took y'all too get those clothes.goin there next month for wifey birthday .

  11. Don't know how I got here but girl I loved the experience your editing is amazing and looks like your here in Houston we may meet one day until then continue being great

  12. what camera do you use ?

  13. Aww the man working at the front wanting to watch your video😻!! That is to cute

  14. How much did u spend on this trip so Ik how much to save???

  15. Seeing black women happy is just a whole different type of happiness for me. warms my heart💖💖🥰🥰

  16. Thank you for taking the time to put this together. I'm taking my lady and I hope we have a fraction of the experience that y'all had. Awesome trip. Thanks again for all of the behind the scene details!!

  17. I'm so happy you came to Dubai! but I CRINGED when I saw what the guys sold you as the traditional clothes for women, because yes it looks good, but it's not what we wear especially if we are leaving the house. I am a local from the UAE, but I come from a city an hour away from Dubai. It's much more traditional here. We wear something called Kandoras. We go to a tailor and chose a fabric, then go to another tailor and chose the design and the colors of sequences on the fabric. I tried searching in google to try to find some images or information but almost all of it is incorrect so that's probably why most tourist and visitors get that part wrong. If you ever come to the UAE again I would recommend for you to come to Abudabi and Alain. Alain doesn't have skyscrapers or big buildings but you can really see the real side of the UAE and how most locals live. If you do ever visit again you can befriend any local and they would be MORE than happy to show you our lifestyle and the secret treasures around the UAE. I'm so happy you loved it here and I hope you visit again. I wish more tourists would take some time to learn about the local sides of the UAE, because you can't find that information online. I hope you have a great day! :))

  18. what was the name of the jamaican spot you went to? i’m supposed to be going in may🥰

  19. Hi great vlog. Did you need a step down for your hair straightener?

  20. New to your channel !! Loved this vlog and you’re beautiful 😍

  21. Hi love your sunglass, where it is from?

  22. The aquarium is beautiful but I’ve a fear of those types of aquarium what if the glass burst out and water rushes down and flood the whole place

  23. Hey beautiful. This is a late comment but wanted to correct you on the pronunciation. Its actually pronounced "JA-LA-BEE-AH"

    Love the vlog xo

  24. hey, love the vlog. Im a little confused when it comes to the time with dubai. Im looking for flights but everything says pm… What would be the best time to try and go over there?

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