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Dubai's hot weather explained (why is it so hot here?)

Dubai's hot weather explained (why is it so hot here?)

Dubai can get upwards of 49.9-degrees C over the summer. Here’s why.

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  2. You think im going there
    The 22 is ok cuz I live in the Caribbean, but 49? Not a chance

  3. Bruh I knew it
    Dubai dont have any clouds

  4. The Ideal time to visit Dubai: September 22 to June 21.
    Best months to visit Dubai: November to March
    Best time for visiting Beach/Pool: April to June, September to November
    Worst month to visit Dubai: August (At least July you have Modhesh Dubai Summer Surprises)

  5. Dubai's hit eeather explained

    They: why is it so hot there? 🤔

    Me: it's summer wait for winter!

  6. We went in late June during an incredible heat wave.

    Was 56 oc in underground car parks.

    The heat was searing even to the extent you could not fill up cars with petrol past 8/10 due to the expansion of petrol damaging the tank

  7. Why are you so scared to admit, it gets hotter than 49C in summer. Just because construction has to be shut down when it's 50C and above doesn't mean they will shut down your channel.

  8. The summer season .
    Well this time summer has come for long time .
    It's should have been stopped until this time..the thin dryness and thin air is complaining you very much think in a fat clean open manner like heaven when the time will come of eleven am this problem will gone and thin dryness will be over comes by heaven .
    But beware it's three four fast passing hours so do qiyam and fast hold stand walk do energy originating activities save fat clean night heaven water for daytime experience and passing by and cure the problem of thin annoy dryness greatly save it for dry hours manily when the evening starts .

    Think in fat dumb manner if the blood is given god will give me the the madda nur the gift and thing to hold on I just need to be very smart and preserving and resourcefull .
    And drank water in night time good quality and quantity to hold on for day time .
    But doing what told not to do is very harmfull damaging and will make you suffer greatly do be aware . especially don't drink any liqour and acidic things or demanded by asian oily food don't eat and drink like asian eat drink like Greek and Romans and jesus jesusalmeites .

  9. What about artificial rain. Cloud seeding ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☔ ☔ ☔ ☔

  10. why is it a high pressure area ?? is it the sea level ?

  11. 3:00 Why has it been a learning experience for all of us? Do you live in Dubai?

  12. The fact that it’s a desert is why it doesn’t have clouds …..

  13. Great video! I especially enjoyed the end where you were waiting, look around and down at your watch! 😆 Haha! Btw, I’m a new subbie!

  14. One factor to mention as well is the relative higher humidity. I just checked Dubai's weather 39°C with heat index of 53°C

  15. They are next to the Persian Gulf which causes oppressive humidity and Dew Points that make the heat unbearable.

  16. I would weather Jill myself than live there in that heat.

  17. Baghdad is hotter

  18. Just asking ,if all countries in the middle east plant trees and they all go greencan they overcome heat?

  19. Our prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said " the land of Arabia would return to greenery and rivers, as it once was" and archaeologists found 7,000 lake beds hidden in saudia arabia

  20. Ia dubai so hot due to global warming??? Or thia place is naturally hot??

  21. If dubai city plants more and more trees will it overcome the desert climate or not????

  22. They need to plant trees. Lots of trees to reduce heat.

  23. Dubai sits on the Persian gulf not Arabian Sea buddy

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