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Dubai's TOP attractions in 2021 (from the Burj Al Arab to Global Village)

Dubai's TOP attractions in 2021 (from the Burj Al Arab to Global Village)

Are you looking for the best things to do in Dubai in 2021? Of course you are! From Al Seef in #BurDubai to newer Dubai …



  1. Indeed, When it comes to beauty it is Dubai NOT Mumbai!

  2. My dream city before to appreciate and admire but how's that it's now near to me👌👌👍👏

  3. 💙💚💜🧡💛 DUBAI 💛🧡💜💚💙

  4. It's not Arabian gulf , it's Persian gulf

  5. Please use the right name “Persian Gulf” not —rab gulf

  6. Can’t wait to go back this summer 😍

  7. We are visiting every single place you've mentioned!

  8. 7:58 The Persian Gulf, we don't have any gulf called Arabian Gulf 😉

  9. if you attended the school you might know it is Persian Gulf Actually, not Arabian Gulf!!!

  10. 1. Al Seef (along Dubai creek)
    2. Al Serkal Avenue (Art Hop)
    3. Atlantis the Palm – Aqua Venture/Dolphins/Stingrays/Scuba Diving
    4. Burj Al Arab
    5. Burj Khalifa
    6. Dubai Creek/Tower
    7. Dubai Frame
    8. Dubai Museum
    9. Dubai Parks & Resorts
    10. Global Village
    11. Kite Beach (Water sports bungy jumping)
    12. La Mer (Laguna Water Park)
    13. Miracle Garden (1m flowers)
    14. Ski Dubai (indoor at Dubai Mall)
    15. Souk Madinat Jumeirah
    16. The Dubai Fountain (900 ft)
    17. Dubai Mall (indoor aquariam and zoo)
    18. Palm Fountain (7pm-12pm)
    19. Time out Market Souk Al Bahr
    20. VR Park at Dubai Mall
    21. Xline Dubai Marina (1km Zipwire 80kmh)

  11. idk what to do to my birthday THERES ALOT TO DO

  12. My dream 😴💭 is to go to DUBAI..

    I waned to go there so badly… 💔

  13. Dubai is the place to go if you like concrete jungle, everything artificial and wasteful. Like skiing in the middle of desert.

  14. It's Persian golf. Do your research before making contents.

  15. City seems nice !
    Ps:The girl is very sweet 🤫

  16. Respectfully thats not arabian gulf thats Persian Gulf✌🏻

  17. Man if I had the money I would love to visit Dubai, with its many great attractions, you can never get bored there.

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