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DXB DUBAI Int Airport 20 YEARS AGO! (1998)

DXB DUBAI Int Airport 20 YEARS AGO! (1998)

Many of you have probably been to or through Dubai in recent years and most of you have likely seen a video on You Tube that featured a flight in/out of Dubai… On the other hand few of your likely travelled to or through Dubai 20 years ago but thanks to our older videos we can now give you a look at what the scene was back in those days… Here a short sample, the full 2 hour video has more than 100 airlines and about 220 aircraft and can be found at http://www.justplanes.com/ClassicAirports.html

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  1. As time flies by more and more of these old videos are becoming collectors items as just about all those airplanes are history by now and some of the airlines are too. In this case the change over in the UAE has been huge going from very classic airplanes to the most modern… Tomorrow I’ll post some Sharjah traffic where the selection is far more classic than Dubai!

  2. Biman Bangladesh DC-10… Lovely to seee..now 🇧🇩 do well with 787 & 777-300 ER..
    Love From Bangladesh 💖💖

  3. We f*** up everything after 2000. Nothing really went our way. Corruption and wars after 2000. Till 2000 i guess we were alright!

  4. Been going to Dubai & using airport since 70s, I have seen the real change from a little single terminal airport to massive large hub what it is now. But when I go to Dubai city, its definitely not the city where I lived for a short while as a child.

  5. Pakistan PIA is rising again, with rise in tourism, peace in Pakistan, Pakistan is rising to New heights under great and honest leadership of Pakistan. We posted growth rate of 3.9% when India and most countries posted negative GDP.. Pakistan rising to be a world power, inshaAllah

  6. The legendary DC 10 McDonnell Douglas of biman Bangladesh airline was looks superb!!!!

  7. Pakistan International Airline always look beautiful and excellent service .

  8. Very cool time travelling, very different and very familiar back then. Emirates, Qatar, Malaysia, Air India, Volga Dnepr basically had the same paint scheme they have today.

  9. Facku Pakistan 🇵🇰🖕🏿🖕🏿🇵🇰🖕🏿

  10. Wow very Unique Video 😍😍😘😘 i was a Kid that Time 😘😘😘

  11. 😍😍 fascinating 🧐 Thank you so much for your amazing content I am 9 years old and deeply in love with old aviation keep up the good Work 😍🥰

  12. Some airlines are no more..AeroAsia..KishAir…

  13. Everything fine before 9/11

  14. Naija peeps gather here for small chops to reminisce about our old airline

  15. Gulf Air and its iconic livery ! And so many B727s ! Quite simply the sleekest jet in the skies. In contrast, most of todays planes have become bulbous tubes. Only the newer ones like the A220 look somewhat nice.

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